Sesame Street: Elmo's YouTube Interview

[Sesame Street theme music]

[Sesame Street theme music]

Elmo: You okay, Chris?

Chris: I'm good, I'm good.

Elmo: You ready?

Chris: Yeah, I'm ready. Oh, hey!

Red light's on. Hey, hi, everybody.

I'm Chris.

Elmo: Oh, and Elmo's Elmo.

Chris: Mm-hmm, he sure is.

I work at Hooper's Store right here on Sesame Street.

I'm on my lunch break right now,

so I thought it would be good to take some time

to spend some good time with my good buddy Elmo over here.

Elmo: Oh. Yeah, this is like a play date.

Chris: Yes. Oh, yeah. Yes, a play date.

Elmo: Okay.

Chris: Okay. Um Elmo, I was surprised to find out

that there are a lot of people

interested in asking you questions.

Elmo: Really? They are?

Chris: They really are.

Elmo: A lot?

Chris: A whole lot of questions.

Elmo: Wow.

Chris: In fact, questions came

from all over the world

using this platform called Moderator on YouTube.

Now, the public voted on which questions they liked the most,

and those are the questions I'm going to be asking you today.

Elmo: Oh, that sounds cool.

Chris: It is cool. Hey, check it out.

Elmo: From all over the world?

Chris: From all over the world.

And you know what?

While I was in the shower this morning,

I thought of something.

Elmo: Are you gonna tell us

about what you did in the shower?

Chris: Well, yeah. Well, one thing, other than washing.

Um, hey, true story.

Elmo: Okay, go ahead.

Chris: I was thinking to myself

that since I'm gonna be the one asking you questions--

Elmo: Yes?

Chris: Uh, I'm kind of the moderator for Moderator.

Elmo: Ha ha ha ha! That's funny, Chris.

Chris: It's not.

Elmo: Elmo didn't get it.

Chris: Neither did I. I was hoping.

Okay, why don't we get to the questions?

Elmo: Oh, okay.

Chris: There we go. All right.

Okay, the first question is...

Elmo: Hmm?

Chris: "Hi Elmo,

"I was just wondering what your favorite thing to do is!


That's from MezzoGirl101.

Elmo: MezzoGirl101.

Hi, MezzoGirl101.

What--what was that?

What Elmo likes to do?

Chris: Yes. What's your favorite thing to do?

Elmo: My first favorite thing to do...

Chris: Yes?

Elmo: Um, Elmo loves to have play dates

with all his friends.

Chris: Yeah, yeah.

Elmo: And also feed Dorothy too.

Chris: Ah, feed Dorothy. That's a--okay, that's really--

Elmo: She always gets so happy. Ha ha ha!

Chris: You get happy too, buddy.

Elmo: Yeah.

Chris: Okay, what's our next question?

"Hey Elmo." Okay, this comes from dophino22.

"Hey Elmo."

Elmo: Hello, dophino22.

Okay, go ahead, Chris.

Chris: Okay, good.

"Hey Elmo, I was wondering,

how long did it take you to crayon your whole apartment?"

Elmo: Ha ha ha ha! Hey, that's a good question.

It took Elmo 2 1/2 weeks.

Chris: Yeah, he wasn't the only one, too.

Elmo: Yeah, because Elmo had some help.

Chris: Mm-hmm. Messed up--

Elmo: From all of his friends on Sesame Street.

Chris: I messed up my jeans a couple times,

but it's okay, it's okay.

Elmo: With a crayon?

Chris: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, you'd be surprised.

I can mess up pretty much anything.

Uh, what's our next question?

Okay, this one is, "What would you do

if you woke up and were suddenly purple?"


Elmo: Purple? Who is that from?

Chris: That is from mbsegurae.

I hope I got that right.

Elmo: mbsegurae. Elmo hopes so too.

Ha ha ha ha!

So what-- what would Elmo do

if he woke up and he was purple?

Chris: Mm-hmm.

Elmo: Hmm. Elmo doesn't know.

Elmo--Elmo would be kind of scared and concerned,

because Elmo likes being red.

Chris: Really?

I would think it was just you

holding your breath for a really long time, like...

Elmo: No, that's a really long time.

Chris: Yeah, it's too long.

Elmo: But Elmo would talk to Elmo's mommy and daddy

and ask them why,

and hopefully, they would have an answer.

Chris: Okay, all right. That's a good answer, buddy.

I like that. Okay.

Elmo: Thank you.

Chris: Let's check out the next question.

Daniel: Hi, Elmo. My name is Daniel.

Elmo: Hi, Daniel!

Daniel: And this is Olivia.

And we wanted to know,

how do you actually get to Sesame Street?

Chris: That is a good question.

How do you actually get to Sesame Street?

Hello, Olivia.

Elmo: Well, you could take a plane.

Chris: Mm-hmm.

Elmo: And then you could take a bus.

Chris: Mm-hmm.

Elmo: And the subway.

And then, hopefully, you'd get there then.

Chris: Yes, yeah, okay. Very good, buddy.

Have you ever gotten lost on your way to Sesame Street?

Elmo: Well, no, because Elmo lives on Sesame Street,

and if Elmo went anywhere,

his mommy or his daddy or a grownup would take him.

Chris: Good answer, buddy. Good answer.

Okay, let's check out the next question.

Okay, this is--

Elmo: Wow, this is a long one.

Chris: Yeah, this is from Oliver in Germany.

Elmo: Oh! Hello, Oliver in Germany!

Chris: "Hi Elmo, my name is Oliver.

My daddy is in the military and is deployed right now."

Elmo: Oh.

Chris: "I know your daddy has deployed too,

"and I was just wondering what you do

to stay happy when your daddy is gone?"

Good question.

Elmo: Well, one thing that Elmo does is,

Elmo looks at the same moon that Elmo's daddy does

at the same time.

And that's when we think about each other.

Yeah, and then, sometimes,

we get to see each other on the computer

and say hello.

And then Elmo sends him pictures of Elmo

and the things that he's doing.

So, we keep in contact that way,

and that makes both of us feel so much better.

Chris: That was a really good answer, Elmo.

Elmo: Why, thank you.

Chris: Do you ever show him pictures of us?

Elmo: Of you?

Chris: Yeah, well, me and everyone else on Sesame Street.

Elmo: Yeah, Elmo will do that next time.

Chris: Okay, okay. All right.

Please tell him I say hi when you talk to him again, okay?

Elmo: Okay.

Chris: Awesome. Okay. What's the next question?

"Hi Elmo!

"How much does a house cost on Sesame Street,

because I want to move in."

How much does a house cost?

Elmo: Wait, who is that from?

Chris: That is from MyJKProductions.

Elmo: Hello, MyJKProductions!

So you want to move in to Sesame Street.

You know, Elmo never had to worry about that,

because Elmo's mommy and daddy brought him here.

Chris: Mm-hmm.

Elmo: And they must have bought the place or something.

Um, Elmo thinks it probably is a gazillion dollars.

Chris: No, no, no, buddy. It can't be that much.

Elmo: No? Not a gazillion dollars?

Chris: No, no.

Elmo: Why?

Chris: Because inflation--

Elmo: Well, is it a buyer market

or is it a selling market?

Chris: Uh, that's a really good question, buddy. I really--

Elmo: Elmo heard Mommy and Daddy talking about that.

Chris: I don't know.

Elmo: So you don't know if it's a buyer market

or a selling market on Sesame Street?

Chris: No, Elmo, I just came here to go to college.

Elmo: And you're the moderator?

Chris: Yeah. Hey, I moderate the questions, not the answers.

Elmo: Oh, okay. Next question.

Chris: Yeah, there we go. Okay.

[serene music]

Okay, this one says,

"How did you and Ernie become such good friends?

"Because if you two have the courage to sing together,

you must be pretty tight."

That's from Emily in Texas.

Elmo: Hello, Emily in Texas.

Well, Elmo is really, really tight with Ernie.

He's so cool.

We have a lovely time singing together and playing.

And he's silly, too. Ha ha ha!

Elmo loves his laugh. He laughs like this.

[imitates Ernie's laugh]

[Chris laughs]

Elmo: Ha ha ha ha ha!

Thanks for that question.

Chris: That was a good question.

Elmo: Yeah.

Chris: Oh, okay, buddy.

Why don't we check out the next question?

Elmo: Okay.

Chris: All right. Okay, this one comes from TheGreatGizzo.

Elmo: Oh, hello, TheGreatGizzo.

Chris: Hello, GreatGizzo.

Um, the question is, "Don't you feel guilty

that your friend Oscar lives in a trashcan?"

And also,

"You don't throw your garbage in his home, do you?"

Elmo: Well, why would Elmo feel guilty

about Oscar living in a trashcan?

That's the way he loves to live.

Chris: Mm-hmm, but do you throw trash in there?

Elmo: Uh, only when he asks, that he needs it,

that Elmo would throw trash in there.

Chris: See, that's a good friend, right there.

Elmo: Yeah. You have to ask first.

Chris: Yes.

Elmo: Yeah.

But he loves living in a trashcan.

You don't have to feel sorry for him.

Chris: See, if they lived on Sesame Street,

they'd know that.

Elmo: Yes.

Chris: Mm-hmm. Okay.

Let's check out the next question.

Ha! Okay!

"Elmo, if you were given the chance,

"would you be the first monster

"to ever go to the planet Mars?

And, "If so, what would you say when you first step on Mars?"

That's from Sean in California.

Elmo: Oh, hello, Sean in California.

Chris: That's a lot.

Elmo: Boy, yeah.

Um, if Elmo was the first monster

to be on Mars--

Chris: Yes?

Elmo: And he saw a Martian

Chris: Yes?

Elmo: What would Elmo say?

Chris: Yeah.

Elmo: Yip yip yip yip yip, yip yip yip yip.

Ha ha ha ha!

Chris: You'd try to speak his language?

Elmo: Yeah, because-- because Elmo--

you know we have Martians here at Sesame Street,

and they say, "Yip yip yip yip yip yip."

so Elmo would say, "Yip yip yip yip yip."

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Chris: Mars is a big planet, man.

Elmo: Yeah, Elmo has no idea what he's saying,

but Elmo hopes it's friendly.

[Chris laughs]

Elmo: Ha ha ha ha!

Chris: Okay, buddy, why don't we check out the next question?

Elmo: Okay.

Chris: Okay. A video.

Uh, it says, Elmo,

"Do you still talk to the sun or the moon?"

This comes from Emily in Texas.

Elmo: Oh, hi, Emily.


Elmo definitely talks to the sun in the morning

and the moon at night.

Chris: Mm-hmm. Good question.

Elmo: We have good conversations, too.

[Chris laughs]

Elmo: We do.

Chris: What do you talk to the moon about?

Elmo: Well, just how lovely the stars are out tonight.

Yeah, we talk about that.

Chris: Okay.

Elmo: And Elmo talks about,

you know, his day.

Chris: Okay.

Elmo: 'Cause, you know, moon have days too.

Chris: Yes, that's true.

The sun gets all the attention.

Elmo: We just get to see him at night.

Chris: Yeah.

Okay, why don't we get to the next question?

Elmo: Okay.

Chris: All right.

This question comes from CuddlesTaffy.

Ah! CuddlesTaffy.

Elmo: Oh, hello, CuddlesTaffy.

[Chris laughs]

[Elmo laughs]

Chris: And I like the question.

"How come you never have birthdays

and you stay three for the rest of your life?"

Elmo: Well, we do have birthdays.

Elmo's birthday is February 3rd.

But Elmo just stays 3 1/2 all the time.

You should be so lucky.

[both laugh]

Chris: That's pretty cool.

Elmo: Isn't that cool?

Chris: That's very cool.

Elmo: It's a monster thing.

Chris: Ha!

Elmo: It really is.

Chris: Okay. Good answer.

Good answer.

Okay, now I know what to say

when someone asks me that.

Okay, why don't we get to the next question?

Elmo: Okay.

Chris: All right.

Ashtin: Hi, my name is Ashtin,

and I want to talk to you.

Elmo: Okay.

Ashtin: I want to know what your favorite color is.

Chris: Ah!

Elmo: Ah! Was that Ashtin?

Chris: Ashtin from Utah.

Elmo: Aw! Ashtin, hello.

Elmo's favorite color is...


Ha ha ha ha!

Chris: You had to look at yourself to be sure?

Elmo: No, no, no, Elmo just did that

because Elmo wanted to show Ashtin

that he was gonna say that.

Like this.


Chris: Great. How do I do that? How do I do that?

Elmo: Okay, go ahead.

Chris: Ready? 'Cause my favorite color is blue.

Elmo: Okay, go ahead.

Chris: Okay, ready? Ehh...


Elmo: Yeah! Ha ha!

You did that very well.

Chris: Thank you very much.

Elmo: Next question.

Chris: Next question.

The next question comes from Lesha in Florida.

Elmo: Oh, hello, Lesha in Florida.

Elmo loves Florida.

[Chris laughs]

Chris: Let's see, this question is,

"Do you sleep without a night light?"

and, "If you don't, what tips can you give me

to not be afraid of the dark?"


Elmo: Well, Elmo does sleep with a night light.

Chris: Mm-hmm.

Elmo: Mm-hmm, but tips,

as far as, um, when you sleep at night in the dark--

Chris: Mm-hmm.

Elmo: Um, just think wonderful thoughts

when you go to sleep,

and you'll find that that will work.

Just think of wonderful thoughts.

Chris: What's a wonderful thought for you?

Elmo: Well, what you're gonna do in the morning.

Chris: Okay.

Elmo: All the things you get to do the next day.

Chris: Okay.

Elmo: Mm-hmm.

And you could always sing yourself to sleep too.

Chris: Ah!

[Elmo humming Brahms' Lullaby]

[Elmo snoring]

See, see? Ha ha ha ha ha!

Like that.

Chris: Good idea, buddy.

Elmo: Okay, cool.

Chris: Okay, let's get to the next question.

Elmo: Okay.

Chris: Okay, Casey in Southaven, Mississippi.

Elmo: Oh, hello, Casey in Southaven, Mississippi.

[both laugh]

Chris: "What famous person would you really like to meet?"

Elmo: Wow.

Chris: You've met a lot of people.

Elmo: What famous person would Elmo really like to meet?

Chris: Mm-hmm.

Elmo: Martin Luther King.

Chris: Wow. Good answer.

Elmo: He seemed to be so cool.

Chris: Yeah. That's a good answer.

Elmo: Really?

Chris: Yeah, that's a really good answer.

Elmo: Okay.

Chris: I like that.

Okay, let's see, what's the next question?

Emily in Te--wow, Emily in Texas is on a roll.

Elmo: Really. Hello, Emily in Texas again!

[Chris laughs]

"How old are you, Elmo, and when is your birthday?

I'm wonderin'..."

Now, you answered a little bit of the story.

Elmo: Yeah, we did, but almost 3 1/2. Mm-hmm.

And--and Elmo's birthday is February 3rd.

Chris: Ah! Mine's the 25th.

Elmo: Really? Of February?

Chris: Mm-hmm.

Elmo: Wow, that's cool.

Chris: Mm-hmm, yeah.

Elmo: We should celebrate it together.

Chris: That's a really good month, man.

A really good month.

Elmo: Really?

Chris: Uh-huh. Thank you, Emily from Texas.

Okay, what's the next question?

Elmo: Thanks, Emily.

Chris: Ha! Video.

Elmo: Video!

girl: Um, this is my question for you.

Why don't you have any tongue

and why don't you have any teeth?

Elmo: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

It's a monster thing.

Monsters don't have a tongue or teeth.

Chris: Wow.

Elmo: But actually, we do have teeth.

You just can't see them.

Chris: They're really small?

Elmo: Yeah, they're underneath Elmo's fur.

Chris: Aha! Okay.

Elmo: Yeah.

Chris: It's a monster thing.

You should write a book called "It's A Monster Thing."

Elmo: You know, Grouches have tongues.

Chris: Oh, yes, Grouches do have tongues.

Elmo: But they have teeth too,

but you can't see them.

Chris: Okay.

See, Elmo, you need to write a book, buddy.

Elmo: Oh, really?

Chris: "It's A Monster Thing." I'd read that.

Elmo: Oh, yeah, okay, it's called "It's A Monster Thing."

That's cool.

Chris: Okay, what is the next question?

Okay, this is from ranger9257.

Elmo: Hello, ranger92--what?

Chris: 57.

Elmo: 57.

Chris: Okay.

"What do you do when you get lonely?"

Good question.

Elmo: Wow, what does Elmo do when he gets lonely?


Well, that's hard, because Elmo's normally not lonely.

Chris: Hmm.

Elmo: Yeah, because Elmo's goldfish Dorothy

is right in his bedroom.

Chris: Okay.

Elmo: And then sometimes when Elmo gets lonely,

he goes and cuddles with his mommy and daddy.

Chris: Okay, okay. All right.

Well, what if your mommy and daddy

aren't right next to you at that very moment

and you feel a little lonely?

Elmo: Well, then, Dorothy's there.

Chris: Okay, all right. Okay.

See, we have to get ranger9257 a Dorothy.

Elmo: Yes!

Chris: Yeah, that would be cool.

Elmo: Or--or crawl up with your mommy and daddy.

Chris: Yes. Good answer, buddy.

Elmo: They'll love that.

[both laugh]

Chris: Okay, let's see the next question.

Ah! Video.

man: Elmo, what is your favorite food?

Elmo: Mmm!

Elmo's favorite food is wasabi.

Chris: Wasabi?

Elmo: Yeah, that's why Elmo has no eyelids.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Chris: Wasabi?

Elmo: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Chris: Oh, my goodness.

Elmo: Yeah, Elmo-- Elmo likes cookies.

Chris: Okay.

Elmo: But Elmo knows that's a sometime food.

And Elmo likes pistachio ice cream.

Chris: Ah!

Elmo: But that's a sometime food too.

And Elmo likes broccoli.

Chris: Ah! Yes.

Elmo: But that's something you can eat all the time.

Chris: Yes, you can. Absolutely. Good question. Okay?

Elmo: Okay.

Chris: All right. This one comes from zeezagon.

Or zagon. Zeezagon.

Elmo: Hello, zeezagon.

[both laugh]

Chris: And the question is,

"Why does--

"Why doesn't Cookie Monster have to eat vegetables?"


Elmo: Why doesn't Cookie Monster have to eat vegetables?

Well, that's what we're trying to teach him to do--

to not--

'cause cookies are sometime food,

so we are trying to get him to eat vegetables.

Chris: Mm-hmm.

Elmo: It's kind of challenging, but we're trying.

[Chris laughs]

Elmo thinks we-- you know, it's all in--

it's all about repetition.

Chris: Yes.

Elmo: Yeah, so if we keep, you know,

pushing vegetables too--

Chris: Mm-hmm.

Elmo: Then maybe he'll get it.

Chris: Yes.

Elmo: He hasn't gotten it yet,

but maybe he will.

Chris: Okay, all right.

Maybe we make it different ways?

Elmo: Yeah. Maybe grated.

Chris: Yes.

Elmo: Yeah, or put some--

some butter and lemon on it.

Chris: Ooh, tasty. Okay.

Elmo: Or some-- some cheese.

Chris: Okay, you're making me hungry.

Elmo: Okay, sorry.

[both laugh]

Chris: What's the next question?

Okay, Jose in New Jersey. All right.

Elmo: Hello, Jose in New Jersey!

[both laugh]

Chris: "Elmo, how come Mr. Noodle

"and his brother, Mr. Noodle,

live outside your window?"

Elmo: Ha ha ha ha ha!

Elmo has no idea.

Sometimes they're there, and sometimes they're not.

Chris: Okay. All right.

Elmo: But when they're there, it's a lot of fun,

because Elmo can teach them what Elmo's learning

on--on "Elmo's world."

Chris: Very nice. Okay. All right, buddy.

Next question.

This one comes from SharonE in Sacramento, California.

Elmo: Oh. What's her name again?

Chris: SharonE.

Elmo: Oh, hello, SharonE in Sacramento, California.

[Chris laughs]

Chris: "Elmo, why do you always refer to yourself

in the third person?"

Elmo: You know, um, that's been asked of Elmo before,

and Elmo has no idea.

Elmo was just born this way.

[Chris laughs]

Elmo's comfortable with it.

Elmo hope you are too.

[both laugh]

Chris: Oh, my goodness.

Let's--let's go to the next question, okay?

Elmo: Okay.

Chris: Okay.

Marcela in Ecuador.

Elmo: Oh, hello, Marcela in Ecuador!

[Chris laughs]

Chris: "Hi Elmo,

"my name is Marcela and I'm from Ecuador.

Here comes my question."

Elmo: Okay.

Chris: "If you weren't red..."

Elmo: Mm-hmm.

Chris: "Which color would you like to be?"

Elmo: You know what?

Elmo thought about that, but you know,

Elmo's so happy being red--

Chris: Mm-hmm.

Elmo: That Elmo just likes being red.

Elmo doesn't think about any other color

except for what color he is.

And Elmo loves it.

Chris: I like red on you too, buddy.

Elmo: Thank you.

Chris: Mm-hmm, very nice, very nice.

Okay, what's the next question?

Video. Ah!

Elmo: Ha ha ha ha ha!

What do they say?

Chris: Okay.

"I've noticed you are a great dancer.

"What is your favorite dance?

"I'd like to see you dance with Ricky Gervais--

"a tap routine, maybe.

"That would be awesome.

What do you think about that?"

That comes from, uh, Xmena in Santiago, Chile.

Elmo: Oh, hello, Xmena. Oh, there you are.

Hello, Xmena. Where? In Chile?

Chris: Yes.

Elmo: Wow, that's cool.

Well, Elmo loves to dance and do all kinds of dances.

Elmo loves to learn new dances too.

And Elmo has to call Mr. Ricky Gervais

and see if he wants to dance with Elmo.

Chris: That would be fun to see.

Elmo: Elmo will do that.

Chris: I think I would like seeing that.

Elmo: Let's check to see

if Mr. Ricky would like to do that.

[both laugh]

Chris: Okay.

Elmo: You know, it takes two to tango.

Chris: Yes, it does.

Elmo: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Chris: No, you didn't.

Elmo: Yes, Elmo did.

Chris: Okay, buddy, let's check out the next question.

Elmo: Okay.

Chris: Okay.

This one comes from Mimi in Atlanta, Georgia.

Elmo: Oh, hello, Mimi in Atlanta, Georgia.

Elmo hopes the peaches are ripe.

Chris: Yes.

"Elmo, what is your favorite thing to draw?"

Elmo: Um, Elmo's favorite thing to draw?


Is Elmo.

Elmo loves drawing Elmo. It's fun.

Chris: Nice. Very nice. I draw you too, sometimes.

Elmo: Oh, really?

Chris: Mm-hmm.

I'm working on it. I gotta show you some.

Elmo: Okay.

Chris: Okay, Elmo, this next question is our last one.

Elmo: Aw!

Chris: Yeah, I know.

Okay, let's check it out.

This one comes from-- ha ha!


Elmo: Hello, CharlesBeefy.

[both laugh]

Chris: The question is,

"What is the meaning of life for Elmo?"


Elmo: The meaning of life.

Chris: Mm-hmm.

Elmo: Um, the meaning of life for Elmo

is respecting your elders

by saying Mr. And Ms.

and saying thank you

and also giving lots of loves and kisses.

Chris: Very nice.

Elmo: That's the meaning of life for Elmo.

Chris: That was a nice comment, buddy.

You're really good at this.

Elmo: Aw, thank you, Chris.

Chris: Well, as you know, I've got to get back to work.

Elmo: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Chris: End of my lunch break.

So I guess we say thank you to everybody.

Elmo: All right, thank you for all the wonderful questions.

Chris: Yes.

Elmo: Elmo loves all of you very, very much.

Thank you.

Chris: Yeah, and I love you too, hey.

Elmo: Yeah.

Chris: All right, guys. Take care.


Elmo: Bye.

Chris: You want to get something to eat?

Elmo: Yeah, great. Come on, let's go.

Chris: All right.

chorus singing: Can you tell me how to get,

How to get to Sesame Street?


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