Spiderman Birthday Party Ideas

Spiderman Birthday Party Ideas Video

Spiderman Birthday Party Ideas Video

My son, Jacob loves Spiderman. He collects the comics and knows every

line from the movies by heart. So there was no question about the

kind of party we were throwing.

I picked up these invitations from Party City and together we sent out

a Spidey call to all of Jacob's buddies.

The Spiderman Costume was the perfect way to start Nick's

birthday party.

He wanted to get in it right away...

So he could fight crime and party like his favorite superhero.

For a moment there, I thought he was literally going to climb the


Little did he know all the cool things I had in store for him and

the rest of his little crime fighting buddies.

I needed something to help the boy's imagination along...and

combining these Spiderman danglers with this awesome balloon bouquet

set the stage in no time. Of course, giving each boy a

Spiderman mask certainly helped too!

Within minutes, thanks to the helium kit from Party City, I was

able to create a really fun backdrop for the next part of the

party... the party favors!

I gave them out early in the party so the boys could have fun playing

with all the fun favors....

Stickers, maze games, fun springs....the Party City Favor

Pack kept my crime fighters occupied. Which I needed


.....no one can fight crime all day on an empty stomach!

Party City made it easy for me to turn my dining room into another

secret section of Spiderman's universe.

All I had to do was lay out the table cover, place the bright red

Spiderman plates and color co0rdinated napkins out, tie on a

few balloons...

Hang the banner and we had ourselves a Spiderman extravaganza!

And now for the Spidey-treat..it was fantastic the way Party City

made it easy to keep the Spiderman theme going....from the color

coordinated baking cups to the spiderman icing decoration....and

Of course, the Cupcake Tower itself!

They may have Spidey senses, but I have "Mommy senses" and I could

tell these little superheroes had one more adventure in them.

And what could be more fun than a Pinata!

This Spiderman fights crime his way!

What a way to end the party. Happy little crime fighters loaded down

with party loot!

Definitely Jacob's best birthday ever. And all thanks to Party

City. I would never have been able to do this without them.

Oh, no, you don't!


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