DIY Friendship Bracelets. 5 Easy DIY Bracelet Projects!

In this tutorial you'll learn how to make five cutest and easiest friendship bracelets

In this tutorial you'll learn how to make five cutest and easiest friendship bracelets


Hey guys! You may already know that I love

bracelets. I love making them, giving them and most of all, wearing them. So in this

tutorial, I'll show you how to make 5 beautiful bracelets using string. These are perfect

for beginners, super easy and fast to make. You can make them for yourself or your friends.

I'll show you how! First, we are making this beautiful colorful

rope bracelet. You will need a small piece of cardboard, any rounded object, a pencil,

a button for the closure, 4 colors of embroidery string and scissors. Start by making a simple

bracelet loom. Take your rounded object, I am using a glass, place it on a piece of cardboard

and outline the glass to get a circle. Cut it out with scissors. Mark the center of the

circle and make eight little lines on the outer edge dividing the circle into eight

equal sections. Take the scissors and make short cuts along the lines. The cuts should

be about half an inch long or shorter. Take your pencil again and push the tip through

the center of the circle to get a little hole. And here we have a bracelet loom, which we

can reuse to make bracelets for all of our friends.

Cut four pieces of embroidery string, each approximately 25 inches long. Fold the strings

in half and knot them together like so. We have 8 strings coming out from the knot, but

we need just seven of them. So take one string and cut it off very close to the knot. Push

the loop and the knot through the center of the cardboard loom like this. Next we need

to randomly arrange the strings around the circle by placing them into the cuts. There

must be one string in one cut and since we have 7 strings and 8 cuts around the loom,

one cut will stay free. Hold the loom so that the empty cut faces towards you. Count one,

two, three, take the third string and place it into the empty cut. Rotate the loom, one,

two, three, take the third string and move it into the free cut. This is all you need

to do. Rotate the loom and move the third string into the empty cut. Well after you

get the hang of it, you won’t need to rotate the loom anymore. Just count three strings

left from the empty cut and move the third string into it. After a while you will notice

a lovely rope bracelet on the other side of your loom. You can make your bracelet as long

as you want. I want to wrap it around my wrist just once, but you can also wrap it two or

even three times. Just remember to cut longer pieces of thread to begin with. When the bracelet

is long enough, release all the strings from the cuts and take it off the loom. Make a

little knot to secure your work like this. For the button closure choose one thread,

I like to go for the color that matches my button, and thread the button on. Slide the

button as close to the bracelet knot as you can and make a few small knots to secure it

in place. Trim the excess thread away and you are all done with this beautiful bracelet.

It only takes about 20 minutes to complete one, which is just awesome. I’m in love

with the button closures because they are super practical and very cute at the same

time. Next we are making this color blocking spiral

bracelet. We need embroidery floss, scissors and a button. I decided to use four colors

of thread, you can use more or less different colors, whatever you prefer. Put all four

thread colors together and cut at about 50 inches. Now fold this big string of threads

in half and make a knot slightly below the folded end to get a little loop for the button

closure. Finally, it's time to start knotting! Out of the eight strings, chose one, and start

making normal forward knots around the remaining seven threads. To make a forward knot take

your working string, make a four shape over the remaining seven strings like so and then

simply go under the seven strings and up through the loop of the number four. Pull the working

string so that the knot slides and tightens. To keep the spiral going smoothly, I like

to go under the seven strings with my working thread when the knots arrive to my right side.

Then just continue knotting forward as usual. After several knots you'll notice that the

knots automatically form this knotted spiral shape around the bracelet. If you don’t

have this cool branch to hang your bracelet on while knotting, you can totally tape it

on a flat surface or pin it on a blanket or pillow if you like making your bracelets in

bed. To switch the working color, simply pick up another color from the bunch and continue

making exactly the same forward knots. My spiral has now reached the right side, therefore

I need to go below the seven strings to the left side with my working string before I

can continue knotting. Time to switch the color, good bye green and hello blue. Of course

you can use any colors you like for the bracelet. I'm using four different colors here, but

if you want you can use two, three or more. This time we used four thread pieces to begin

with. If you would like your bracelet to be thinner, use only three thread pieces, and

if you want it to be thicker, use five. That’s the beauty of bracelet making. You get to

decide the details! When your bracelet is long enough, make a final knot to secure it.

This time I am using a cute flower button for the closure. Thread the button on one

of the strings, make two knots to secure it and cut the excess thread away. This bracelet

is seriously so straightforward and easy. On top, it will only take you around 20 - 30

minutes to finish it. I love to cozy up in bed on a cold fall or winter day, turn on

some music or a TV and make bracelets at the same time. Ta-daaaa! The bracelet is all done

and look how beautiful it is! Yaaaay! Now let’s make this lovely fishtail bracelet.

We’re gonna need four string colors, scissors, a button and a needle. Cut 40 inch long thread

of each color. Fold the threads in half and make a knot. I decided to make this bracelet

on a pillow. Pin the threads in place using a needle, by going through the pillow and

the loop like so. Separate the threads into two sets, one of each color on each side.

Arrange the threads in a mirror image pattern. When making a fish tail bracelet all you have

to do is take the outside string on the left and bring it inside to the right. Then take

the outside string on the right and bring it inside to the left. To make the braid nice

and tight you’ll have to take the strings into your hands while braiding. The concept

of fishtail braiding a bracelet is the same as fishtail braiding your hair, so if you

are familiar with that, a fishtail bracelet will be a piece of cake for you. And even

if you never did a braid in your life it is just super simple to learn. So take the outside

string on the left and bring it over to the right. Then take the outside string on the

right and bring it over to the left. This bracelet will take 10 minutes top to complete

it and honestly I think it looks so cool! Finish with a knot to secure the fishtail

braid. Take a button, I have this beautiful yellow flower and thread it onto the chosen

string. Slide the button close to the bracelet end and secure it in place by making two knots.

Trim the excess string and voila our fishtail bracelet is all done. If you want to have

a thicker bracelet you can use more than four pieces of string, if you’d rather have a

thinner bracelet go for only three string pieces.

Let's add even more cuteness to our hands with this always beautiful striped friendship

bracelet. You will need some embroidery thread, scissors and a button. I’m gonna make the

bracelet using three string colors: yellow, blue and corally red. For the button I’m

choosing this red heart. Cut about 80 inches of each string color. Fold the strings in

half and make a knot like so. Finally we are ready to start knotting. Set the bracelet

in place using a piece of tape. Arrange the strings by color. I have red strings on the

left, yellow in the middle and blue strings on the right. Take the outside string on the

left, red in my case, and knot it over all other five strings on the right until the

working string reaches the end on the right side. Make a forward knot by creating a four

shape over the second string, loop the working string under and back through the opening.

Pull the working string to tighten the knot. Move on to the yellow and finally blue strings.

Make two forward knots by making a four shape, loop the red working string under and back

through the opening. Pull the string to tighten. Make sure to always knot twice! And our first

row is complete. Let’s continue with the second row! Take the outside string on the

left, which is red again and make two forward knots over the yellow string next to it. Then

continue knotting over the remaining four strings until the working string reaches the

right side. It is super important that you always make two forward knots over each string.

And repeat: take the left string, which is now yellow and knot twice over all the other

strings. You just need to keep making these forward knots and adding rows by rows to your

bracelet until it’s long enough to fit your wrist. I already made heart and chevron friendship

bracelet tutorials, which you can find on my channel. This diagonal striped bracelet

is the easiest and perfect if you are a beginner in bracelet making. Similarly as with other

bracelets in this tutorial, using more pieces of string will give you a wider bracelet.

So if you are using four strings at the beginning, you get eight when you fold them and the bracelet

will be for the width of two knots wider than this one. Let’s see the forward knot slowly

once again. Take the outside string on the left and make a forward knot by creating a

four shape over the second string. Lead the tip of the working string under the second

string and back through the opening. Pull the working string to tighten the knot. Make

one more knot before moving to the next string. This bracelet takes a bit more time than other

bracelets in this tutorial, but I think it is absolutely worth spending an hour for something

as beautiful as this. Continue knotting until your bracelet is long enough to wrap your

wrist. When you reach that length, make a final knot to secure your work. Take a button,

thread it on the chosen string and make two knots as close to the bracelet end as possible.

Cut off the excess thread and there you go, the bracelet is finished!

Wear this classic friendship bracelet on it's own or combine it with other jewelry pieces.

It's so sleek and simple but ads a nice pop of color to any look.

The last bracelet we are making today is this lovely floss wrapped chain bracelet. We will

need a chain, a clasp, embroidery thread, needle, scissors and two pliers.

First we need to shorten the chain so it fits our wrist perfectly. Note that you need to

leave some space for the clasp. So I’m taking an inch less than the size of my wrist. To

split the chain into two pieces simply open the chain loop. For a thick chain as mine

you will need some strong pliers. So thanks dad, these work perfectly! Next we need to

add the clasp. Open the little ring on one side of the clasp and attach it to one end

of the chain. Do the same with the other clasp ring and attach it to the other chain end.

Try the bracelet on to see if it looks good. I am happy with mine so I can proceed to the

string part. We will need quite a long piece of thread to dress up the chain along the

entire side of the bracelet. It depends on how thick you want to wrap it but I used about

130 inches of thread for this bracelet. Knot one thread end to a big needle. The other

thread end needs to be tied on a chain end. Make two knots to be really sure the thread

won't untie, because that would be frustrating. Start wrapping the thread around the chain

by leading the needle trough the chain loop down and then up again like so. As you can

see we are wrapping the thread only along one side of the chain, while the other side

stays golden. You can switch up the color of your thread to your favorite color or a

color that matches some particular outfit. I love how a coral color looks paired with

gold. If you run out of thread in the middle of the bracelet, just knot a new thread piece

to it and continue. This way you can also switch the thread colors along the chain and

you'll end up with a cool color blocking bracelet. When you reach the end, make a couple of knots

to secure your work. Cut away the excess thread and you're ready to rock this gorgeous chain

threaded bracelet. Even with bracelets made entirely from thread I like to stack on some

metal jewelry pieces. So this bracelet is perfect because it has both by default. Two

in one ya know. Friendship bracelets are meant to be handed

to your friends as a token of love and connection. But I don't blame you if you make bracelets

just to rock them yourself. I do it all the time!

And these were my five easy friendship bracelets. I hope the tutorial was helpful and you'll

try to make them too. If you do so, don't forget to share your pictures with me on twitter,

facebook and instagram. I love you, sending you big hugs and bunch of kisses. Bye!


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