Young Girl Sets Up 13 Year Old Boyfriend To See If He'll Cheat!

Welcome to another episode of

Welcome to another episode of

Reaction time.

And today, we're going to be looking at

another episode of "To Catch a Cheater."


This is a series on YouTube

where a guy or a girl guess their boyfriend

or girlfriend, or fiance,

and they set them up to see if they're going to be

faithful or not.

I already had one reaction video to this,

And it did not go well at all, guys.

The guy was unfaithful,

and it was all live, the girl saw it. was over.

This one is a special episode because

(dramatic music)

it's a young girl,

it's a 13 year old girl setting up her boyfriend.

I mean, I don't know how serious can you

actually get when you're 13.

You can't really have a serious relationship,

I mean, you're pretty young so.

By the way, link to the original video down below,

no interruptions.

Without further ado, let's get right into it.

[show's intro]

(show host): Alright guys, you can see today's a little bit of a different episode

(show host): I'm actually here with a group of girls

(show host): We have Rebecca who actually reached out to us on Facebook

(show host): she told me about her little sister's dating this guy, so they want to put him to the test

That's messed up.


Don't you guys think that's kind of messed up?

The boyfriend's mother,

she helped set him up for this?

Isn't that a little like, well

You guys - you have some family problems.


You need to solve your family problems before

you about to set up your son.

Your a bad mother, what? (laughs)


Oh, Basketball hmm? ;)

So you workout?

Yeah, yeah I workout.


Wassup, girl?


Wassup, girl? You know what I'm talking about Wassup?

That's so random!

I don't know, these 13 year olds know-a-days...



I don't know what's going on.



What the fuck?



Did you guys hear that?

*mocks* I have a shorter one but my



What the f-

This is such an awkward conversation.

And the real girlfriend, she's on the side,

She's like..

Yo, he better not hug her.

If he hugs her, its OVER!

It's over, Jacob!


What the heck?


What is she doin'?

She's like practicing exorcism.

Hoooly shit.

Okay, it's official, it's official,

They got each other's number.

[scream metal]: ♫ WTF IS GOIN' ONNNN!! ♫

- ♫ ♫ - (boyfriend): Yeah, I love romantic films

Hey, uhm, do you like romantic films?

Yeah! I love romantic films!


OOOH Look at her face!

Look at his face, look at her face!

Look at his boner, look at her face!


Oh my god. Oh my god!

He gave her a hug!

Your life is over.

That's it, they hugged, he cheated on you.

- (mom): Are you okay? - (girl) [sarcastically]: Yeah mom, I'm so happy!

What kind of mom

asks you if you're ok,

when you just saw yourself getting cheated on?

If my girlfriend gave another dude a hug when I was 13,

and my mom asks if I'm ok,

I'll be like, NO MOM!

(host): You consider that cheating then, I guess?

(girl): It's cheating!!!

What the f- dude, that is so scary, dude that is so scary!

I feel so bad for him, look!

Look what he asked her

"Do you consider that cheating?"

And look at her face.

(host): Do you consider that cheating, I guess?

[dramatic thunder sound, scary music]

(girl): It's - it's cheating!!

(girl): I don't want a dress! I wanna go home!

- (girl): Why is it locked?! - (mom): Stop filming

What did we learn in this episode?

Ok. In this episode we learned that Samantha

Got cheated on by Jacob.

And we know that Jacob wasn't faithful in the 1st place,

So we always tell ourselves, Samantha, come on!

Go for the nice guys.

How could you let him possibly hug her?

You shouldn't have even set him up if you knew he was gonna do this.

And all Jacob wants is some booty.

Jacob clearly doesn't care about Samantha,

He just wants some nice booty and..

I mean, I guess he has a date now. He's gonna watch The Notebook.

All right! So there you have it, guys.

That was uh, that was weird.

That was so weird, they're 13, c'mon, go

Go outside, go play in the park.

You don't need to worry about relationships, guys,

even in highschool.

With that being said guys,

hope you enjoyed this video, hope it made you laugh.

Uhm, so yeah I think that's gonna wrap it up.

Guys, I'll see you next time with another episode,

Until then, have a good one.

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