MATSAN: Clay Challenge!

Hey this is MatSan

Hey this is MatSan

and welcome to our...

today we're going to play with clay

Mr. Clay

today's game is about...

making something from the clay

give it to the other person

and another person have to paint this


because we also prepare...




looks like this

dala! the block of clay

so let's get started

huh, what to make exactly

I think we need some water


yea I think so

it's like my instinct

sems like we need some water

I guess so

that is way better

if kids are watching our channel

they'll be like: those idiots

they are so retarded

I will make...plane

I'm gonna make an amazing plane

I literally don't know what I'm making

I already know what I'm gonna make

it's gonna be really fantastic


way better than yours

it's gonna be one object only?

ah it can be few objects

up to you, right?

everything is up to you

let me have some tea

(so gay)

you really know what you're making?

yes yes yes

I think I need a solid block


this is my object

this is my object

what is that?

wtf is that?

pierogi (Polish dumplings) or something

it really looks like

it looks like puss(y)

no, it looks like...

I think it's a snail

stop guessing what I'm making

wow, fantastic


mine look so creepy

and why there's a hole?

just...STOP it

he looks like Pikachu

oh my god

ewww, I really don't get this

I really, really just don't get it

kill me


ok so those are our creations

creepy as hell dog

very weird


the snail with a hold inside it's shell

it's fine

this is me

it's Mateusz

look at Mateusz's creations


the sports car

yea very sporty

the...don't know yet what the hell is that

smily snake?



it's horrifying

those are my hands or boobs?

ehhh both

and the plane

for sure it's gonna crush

so now we're gonna paint them

I want to paint the dog first


it looks like poop

spin him

very cute, come on

dog is done


time for Sansan

scary monster

I feel that the head will fall down very soon

look what is she doing

oh my god


it's gonna be scary as hell

oh my god

looks like she just eat something

even more


it's very scary

such a simple thing

we were just thinking, oh we're gonna make something

this is gonna be so cute, so nice

and then it became just...this!


whole hell


what is this?

looks good

looks scary

looks like they just remove the heart from that snail

overall looks very nice

here you can see our creation that we just made

from the left hand side

is Sansan

this beauty here

this is our dog

this is me

and this

is just for your own...


yea yea, for your own imagination

this is the mystery here

Mr. Mystery

this is mystery number 2

why is he here?

why is he a snail?

this is all up to you

and this is a strawberry

but is it really a strawberry?

we don't know

we don't know anything about this

everything is about your own....imagination

why he has a hole?

why there is a strawberry coming out fro the hole?

why we are all focus on him?

this is just for your own story

I think it's actually very, very nice

very creative for today


we didn't even know it's gonna be like this

it became so scary

why you're laughing at me?

how do you like it, Sansan?

I love it

I love it as well

it's really, really cool


this is our final creation

the rest, the plane and the car, we'll paint them later

as you can see

even such a simple game

simple fun game become something like this

somthing like...we're mental couple

so please don't be harsh on us

it's fine, there's nothing horny finally


like every episode there has to be something horny

and this time...perfectly normal

perfectly normal

so that's it

hope you had fun with us

see you next time

on the next video

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we love you!


see you next time! BYE!



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