YouTubers React to Try to Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning #4

(dramatic chord)

♪ (dramatic chord) ♪

♪ (dramatic chord) ♪

♪ (dramatic chord) ♪

- (Finebros) Okay, so we are going to be showing you

a series of videos, BUT there's a challenge.

- Oh no.

- (Finebros) You're not allowed to smile or laugh.

- Oh, seriously?

- I think I'm good at that, unfortunately.

- That's real messed up 'cause I feel like a smile is my natural state.


- I have always wanted to be on one of these!

I love-- these are my favorite out of YouTubers React.

- (Finebros) Are you ready? - I'm 100% ready.

♪ (gauntlet thrown!) ♪

Bring it on.

♪ (dramatic chord) ♪

♪ (dramatic chord) ♪

♪ (dramatic chord) ♪

- Not allowed on the beaches or in the parks outside certain hours.

- If it's dogs, I'm gonna laugh. (chuckles)

Oh, wait-- that doesn't count though!

No, 'cause I'm laughing at myself for being hilarious.

- (Finebros) We'll let that one slide. - Okay, sorry.

- (news anchor) So how is it that these two are roaming

their neighborhood, frightening the locals, and the council isn't stopping it.

- (man) Yeah, yesterday morning I came out into the front yard

and the dogs were across the road,

and as soon as they saw me...

- He looks familiar. - (man) ...they came bounding over.

(ferocious growling) - Mmm.

That's who he is.

- (man) They came bounding over. (ferocious growling)

- (blandly) There's nothing funny about insanity.

- (man) They came bounding over. (ferocious growling)

- (splutters) I was doing so good, man!

I was concentrating and I was thinking, "Okay, I'm gonna make it through."

But-- (laughing) what the [bleep] are you doing?!


- (man) And I just made it into the front door in time.

- Nice try.

- I'm glad I've already seen that or I might have laughed.

- You're gonna do a song for us, right?

- (man) Yes. - Wait, do I get a chance

to not laugh at every video? (chuckling)

Oh [bleep]! Well, that does not count!


(polite applause)

- There are so many mullets in this video.

♪ (piano ballad plays) ♪

- (man squeaking) ♪ Me, me, me, me, me, moo, me, moo ♪

(babbling) ♪ Doo ♪ - You don't say.

- (man slurps in air) ♪ Bum, poo, poo ♪

♪ Poo, poo-nuh ♪

(babbling) ♪ Boo, neh, neh, neh ♪

- Where-- what's that kid doing there?

- (man) ♪ Di, di, di, di, di, di, di, di, di, di, di ♪

- (giggles) - (man) ♪ Duh, duh, duh, duh, duh ♪

- I was doing so well! (buzzer)

- (man) ♪ Duh, duh, duh, duh ♪

(forceful grunt) ♪ Duh, duh, duh, duh ♪

- The internet sucks so much.

- ♪ (man lows) ♪

- Beautiful. Beautiful.

- Look at that baby. (polite applause)

- Oh, I smiled. (buzzer)

(polite applause)

- All right, that one was funny at first,

then it just got weird after that. (laughing)

OH NO!!! No-ho-ho-ho!

Nooooooo! Drat! (buzzer)

- (clapping along) Uh-huh.

- I am so gonna win this.

(cat hiccups and farts)

(cat hiccups and farts)

(cat hiccups and farts in slow-mo)

- See, that got me to smirk though. That legit got me to smirk.

I talked a big game, and none of it was true.


(cat hiccups and farts in slow-mo)

(weary groan)

- I don't think I've ever heard a cat fart.

- (man) Body powder that you can spray?

- How many more of these are there?

♪ (unsettling music) ♪

(cracks up)

- Damn it. That was good. (buzzer)

- Oh noooooo!

- Oh, I get it. - (man) What could be next?

♪ (EDM beat) ♪ ♪ Ahhhh ♪

♪ Skin ♪ - I can't talk or I'll laugh.

- (man) ♪ Shh ♪

- I'm feeling something internally. I don't know what it is.

- (man) ♪ I'm nurturing my skin ♪

♪ I get something ♪

♪ (music builds) ♪ - Oh, there's a little shimmy!

I love the shimmy. I'm sorry, I smiled.

I didn't laugh. I just got so excited by the shimmy.


- (man) ♪ Man up ♪

♪ Foot powder spray ♪ ♪ Man up ♪

- That one almost got me.

♪ (serene ballad) ♪

- Oh my god, there's more. Oh my god.

Oh noooooooo!

♪ (flute whistles softly) ♪

- I've never seen this movie.

- (Frodo, contorted voice) Gandalf!

- (Gandalf hums strangely) - (suppressed laughter)

(Gandalf laughs unnaturally)

What-- uh, what?!

I got the animation over my face now. Dang it!


(Gandalf laughs in slow-mo)

- (Frodo moans in excitement)

- (Legolas hums flatly)

- (Frodo moans) - What is this?

- (Frodo moans)

(in slow-mo) Aragorn!

- (Aragorn) Yeeeeeah.

(music concludes)

- Oh god! - (Finebros) You won!

- That was it? I DID IT!

- I am the champion of having no emotions!

- Oh my god! That was so difficult.

Why did I try so hard?

This was my Amazing Race.

♪ (dramatic chord) ♪

- (Finebros) Okay, so you didn't win. - Great. I'm a loser.

- I don't like not smiling at something that's supposed to be funny.

- No. Can you tell me who did?

- (Finebros) Who do you think? - Oh, Shane.

- (Finebros) What was your strategy in trying not to smile or laugh?

- I mean... (laughs) a lot of childhood trauma.

- Soft brain focus, so you don't really, really internalize.

- You just try to do the frown. The frown is the strategy.

- I start thinking about my ex's guy that she hooked up with.

That's what I think about when I watch these,

and it still doesn't work.

- I was really trying to channel my inner Shane Dawson.

Shane Dawson's a [bleep] wall. He is a wall!

I'm sorry. I let you down, buddy.

- (Finebros) Why do you think this type of challenge video

is so popular on YouTube?

- First of all, because you want to see someone fail.

Like, that's always been fun.

- It's just so simple and relatable.

Everyone loves to challenge their friend to be like,

"I bet you can't watch this without laughing."

- You want to see if you can do it.

You're like, "Oh, they laughed? I can do it."

But then you laugh. (sassily) But not me! Uh-huh!

- (Finebros) Would you say that is more fun watching other people do this

or competing yourself?

- I think it's more fun to participate

because you're the one they're trying to make you laugh.

- Watch, for sure, because you're gonna laugh

and you're allowed to laugh with everything that is happening.

- It's definitely more fun watching people compete in the challenge.

As a competitor, it was too much pressure.

- Oh, it's way more fun to watch this type of video!

Being a part of this sucked a D!

- (Finebros) So what do you want to say to the rest of the YouTubers

who also lost? - Ah, pffft. You wanna collaborate?

- I have no idea! I'm still upset that I lost.

- Smiling's natural, but if you laughed you're weak!

- Just know that you have other talents in your life.

- I'm glad that you're happy.

I'm excited for you that you can accept emotions as they come.

- (Finebros) What do you want to say to those who lost?

- I'm jealous of you.

I wish I could laugh at farting cats.

- I'm sorry that your failure has a feel.

I wouldn't know.

- Congratulations on being a human being

because jury's out on whether I'm a serial killer or not.

- (Finebros) So then what do you want to say to the ones who won?

- To those who won, do you want to collaborate?

- You're dead inside.

- What is it like to hate joy?

- You have no soul and I'm kind of scared of you.

- Shane, you're the MVP. You're the VVVIP.

I don't know how you do it. Teach me your secrets!

- Shane, as always, I feel bad for the guards you have up

and the boundaries we talk about trying to break down.

I encourage you to call me for sure.

- (Finebros) And what do you want to say to the ones who also won?

- Yes! Shane and Grace, I knew I could count on you.

- Shane, he can compartmentalize emotion like no one I've ever seen before.

Congratulations on maybe being a serial killer.

- Come over to my house.

Let's have a party where we just sit and frown.

(laughs) For hours!

- Thanks for watching us try not to smile or laugh

here on YouTubers React.

- Make sure to subscribe to all of the other YouTubers in the episode.

I mean, maybe just the winners,

but, you know, the losers too, I guess.

- M'kay! Bye!

(chair clatters) (groaning in pain)

♪ (dramatic chord) ♪


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