Ask Jeffrey 2

What’s up guys, It’s Jeffrey!

What’s up guys, It’s Jeffrey!

How’s everybody doing?

So I get a lot of questions on my social media

And I never really get the chance to

answer them all

So I asked you guys to tweet me some questions

Using the #AskJeffrey on Twitter

And today I’m gonna answer them

Here goes!

Wait that’s not how it works…

You think this is a game?

You think this is how real life works?

And that concludes today’s class

Anybody have questions?

Yes David

Yeah I don’t have any questions

Okay… euhhh… Justin?

I don’t have any questions either

Then why did you raise your…

Katherine, you better…

I don’t have any questions

Come on!

It’s cool… Let’s just carry on

Well my all time favourite Christmas song

is a classic

It’s called Jingle Bells

Actually let me just play it

[Music playing]

Yup that one’s a classic

Actually editing a video for me

Isn’t the longest part

It could take around 2 days

Thinking about the ideas and scripting it

Takes up most of the week

Even a short video could take up to a month

to finish sometimes

This year I’m proud that I

Tried a lot of new things

The main reason is because

A lot of these things scared me

Like putting a live cover on YouTube

Doing a dance video

And speaking to students at universities

Which was crazy


Stop always asking for my dad

He has other things to do

So not this time

Uhhh hah

Alright, I mean at least this question

involves me specifically

Well before I started to work here

on the internet

I had 5 jobs

I was a waiter

a salad boy at another restaurant

a salesman for Apple products

I was a ballroom dance teacher for beginners

And I did customer service at this other company

Well I just hope to continue doing

What I love like

these videos

1 thing that’s on my bucket list though

is to do more music related stuff

Ouh, a ring pop!

Wait, what were we talking about?

I actually stopped taking Mandarin classes

Because I got really busy

But from the important things I’ve learned

Let’s see…

I mean I don’t have anything specific in mind but...

Hey , hey

Dinner’s on me tonight

Awe Jeff, you don’t have to

Oh okay

Wait what?


Just kidding

I never go on dates but

From watching a lot of TV shows

I’d say a perfect date to me would be

1 where we laugh at the most simple things

Dang I forgot about that

Firstly, I just want to say

We have 1 of the most dedicated family

I’ve ever seen

More than ever, we’re expanding

All over the world

So… please stop… having babies?

Yeah I’m sure that’s how we’re growing so much

But to give back

I put all your countries in this little box

And the next 1 I’m going to visit is…

[Drum roll]

Manila, Philippines!

Alright, flights to Manila, Philippines…


And the next one I’m going to visit is…




I’ll visit you guys soon I promise

I don’t know if it’s a weird habit

But because I work alone on these YouTube videos

It gets kinda lonely

So whenever I start working

I say “Hello” out loud to my office

Good morning office!

Good morning office!

Good morning office!

Wait did I just get friend zoned again?

Well I was doing just fine

I… I just got friendzoned though…

I mean come on! I try my…

Honestly, I never had a ghostly experience

So I can’t really tell…


Good morning!

Good morning Jeff!

Here, take my seat!

Ah, Thanks Jerry!

It’s not 2017 yet but

For next year, I hope to

travel more and do more collaborations for my YouTube channel

Yeah I think that would be pretty fun

Anyways, these were all the questions for today

Hope you guys had fun as much as I did

Let me know if I forgot to answer any questions down below

And maybe I’ll do this more often

Thank you guys so much for watching

I’ll see you very soon

This is JeffreyFever

And I’m pressing the record button


Oh come on!

I need a smaller stick…


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