Road to Roland-Garros with Fabio Fognini

-Hi, Fabio. -Hello.

-Hi, Fabio. -Hello.

-Everything's good? -Perfect!

-Where to? -To Roland Garros, please.

If a player should inspire your game, who would it be and why?

Federer, for sure.

He's one of the best. To watch, he's the best one.

Next question: the worst moment you have spent on a tennis court was…

Maybe when I broke some rackets or when I got a warning.

So it's a habit for you to break rackets?

I know it's bad but sometimes…

So you're not allowed to break rackets anymore. I'll check it out, man!

-I'll follow you. -I promise.

If you could play a match against any player of the history, who would it be?

John McEnroe, maybe. I'd be a crazy match!

I saw him yesterday in the locker room. We talked a few words.

-Maybe we'll practice tomorrow. -Oh yeah?

Maybe. If I see him, I'll ask him cause tomorrow I play a lefty,

Klizan or Nadal, and McEnroe is lefty,

so it's good to practice with a lefty one.

But if you two guys get on the court, how many rackets are you going to break?

I don't know…

Choose a thing in the funny box.

You tried that before…

Long time ago when I was maybe 10!

-OK, come on. -Let's try.

I don't remember. My God!

Was good!

-Thank you very much. -Thank you.

-Ciao! -Good luck!


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