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My friends,

My friends,

only small thinkers believe theres a top

...a plateau to reach.

We here at Hubert National Bank, we'll never stop climbing higher to maximize your bottom line.

Do not be a hero, we're here for the bank's money, not yours.

We've a robbery-homicide.


...and very personal.

How much was taken?

Three million and whatever was in the registers.

You seem to have some kind of relationship with the man who was killed there?

I'm trying to stay out of it...

Alexander Hubert, the younger brother of Jeffery Hubert, was held for ransom in 2011.

Kidnapping went south, Alexander Hubert died...

Now we have another another attempt to get Hubert's money.

How often do you think the owner of a bank visits its branches?

...I mean the man at the very top.

He visits ours a lot.

Agent Montgomery, they've hit another bank.

We're on it.

A three million dollar donation to a charity, these guys are trying to make themselves look really good...

Are you suggesting that these guys are doing a right thing by leading me to a big fish?

Safety deposit boxes, where people keep their dirt...

Now why would he hold onto something so incriminating?

Seven of sixteen representatives have accounts at Hubert's branch.

What's the difference between a question and an allegation?

An allegation is the one you don't answer.


You're crazy!

Hubert is still out there.

Everybody down!

Not everybody needs a gun to get things done...


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