Teach Yourself Piano (Piano Lesson #1 of 5 Piano Lessons)

You are watching the Piano Guys piano lessons.

You are watching the Piano Guys piano lessons.

hi happy holidays merry christmas I'm Scott Houston

and I want to teach you to play joy to the world on piano kinda like that right


I but figured out a way then I'm gonna split this tune up into 5 lessons

because right now it's about a week before Thanksgiving so we have about

five weeks before the Christmas

and I'm going to once a week give out a little

dose, one little lesson and we got split into five pieces

so very simply and the teach you how to play this tune on piano and I promise

you'll be able to get this under Hand that I kinda sneaky way to do it it's

gonna be a pretty hip version but nice piano chords and the whole bit so

I'm really looking for doing this and I think you'll be shocked at how

how little and bite size each individual piano lesson is also just to mention this

briefly and then not that burning every music is in a great thing to be able to

do or don't wanna learn to do

but in this environment I want as many people as possible be able to take

advantage of these 5 free piano lessons and

get this piano tune under hand It's really fun to be able to play a a good holiday to

in this time a year

so let's dig right in here comes piano lesson number one

now here's what we're going to do okay with your right hand

you want to put your fingers on these notes

my pinky is on a C up at Top here right

that I have my index finger on a G and

my thumb on s C

Now don't tuck your fingers away like I am too I'm just doing it makes it easier

to show you and you can see which no timer

but when you're really playing the piano you wanna leave your fingers out so there's no

reason to

give yourself rigor mortis hand by taking your fingers away like I do

okay so here we go you just are here

and just are working your way down one white piano note at a time so you have

you'll notice that my hand is absolutely lock like it's got a cast on it

exactly the same shape through the entire

thing ok

I'lll do that one more time

It starts on a C and you just are going down every white piano note Until you

get one entire octave lower and you'll be

ending up on that piano note so one more time

okay that's it for your right hand part now here's where do with your left hand

to begin with alright

I'm gonna open up this camera-shy just a little bit here

pardon me or expand its just a little bit re: now

here's what you need to do with your right hand here's the baseline it just

goes like this:


starting on a C, right then you can always tell a C that's the first white note to

the left of two black notes on a keyboard

alright so here we go

and then you want to reach down one octave

right so it is the same G down at the bottom

that's it, one more time

now what you're probably end up wanting to do is playing that in

octaves just to get a deeper sound to you play both go to the same time though

sound like this

right then

now you may want to even go one octave down further because, this will make

sense the minute we do it we're going to have a thumb crash where the this hand is coming

down here and this thumb is coming up here

so here's how all do it alright if you just want to watch or put my hands


so we're going to just what we did before and again I'm playing octaves are

and I have one more see played down they're the same time so I'll play

right here is where you can have a thurmb crashit's no big deal you can solve

it however you want but

I'll probably just stay out of the way

and then I'll reach down even one octave further


then come back to the sea

so here it is this is the whole thing ready for this piano lesson right

okay now if you need to watch it over and over your free do it a few times but

that's all we're gonna do

for this first piano lesson so takes a few days to get underhand great

takes a few minutes to get underhand great make sure you're comfortable with


but I'm still gonna make you wait a week until I give the next piano lesson

alright get ready we'll come back with a lesson 2 out of 5 total piano lessons!


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