Hydrogen Research & Fueling Facility

[ Crowd noise ]

[ Crowd noise ]

>> It's truly an honor to be here today for the grand opening

of the Hydrogen Research and Fueling Facility,

and I'm very glad that you could join us

in celebrating this newest facility

on the Cal State L.A. campus.

>> I am especially happy to welcome our friends

and our supporters and our partners on this project.

So many of you here and from the stage and all

around have been part of the team that has worked so hard

over the years to make this a reality.

And it really has been a team effort.

It's involved our students, our staff, our faculty,

our community partners, and our architects, our manufacturers

who worked so hard to get the station up and running.

And we are just delighted that we have reached this point.

And I want to certainly acknowledge, once again,

our heartfelt thanks for the creative genius

that really moved us in this direction and the family

and former students of our beloved Professor James Ettaro.

Thank you all for being so - being here today.

And --

[ Applause ]

-- this is really a lasting legacy,

and we couldn't be prouder.

>> Governor Brown issued an executive order in 2012 calling

for 1.5 million zero-emission vehicles

on California roadways by 2025.

The infrastructure needs to be in place in order

to make it easy for people to have those vehicles.

And Cal State L.A. is going a great deal with this station

in making sure that we are going to have that network.

This facility is in a prime location close

to several major freeways just a few miles from downtown.

This station is going to open up fuel options for people

in the East L.A. area and downtown,

where for so long it's only been in West L.A.

that we have had this opportunity.

>> Sixteen and a half million residents of this region

who will benefit from more breathable air are depending

on us.

We are the first step, right here, of getting it done.


>> Cal State University is training the next generation

of engineers who will be responsible for replicating

and improving this technology to grow

and expand hydrogen infrastructure

through California and the United States.

Education is a key component to our success.

The students we train today are the ones that are going

to make it happen in 2020 and in 2050.

>> In California we know that to get to our [phonetic] -

to get the clean air, clean healthy air quality,

and then meet our climate goals is going

to take zero-emission vehicles.

There is no other way to look at it.

That's what - that's the destination.

And we are all part of an amazing transition that's going

to play out over a short period of time.

You guys are all part of this.

And this is an under - and again, another indicator

of an important marker as we move to this transition.

And to be part of it, to me, is just an excited -

it's an exciting time to be here.

>> It is with great pride

that we open the Cal State L.A. Hydrogen Research

and Fueling Facility.

[ Cheering and applause ]

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