Johnny Depp & Paul Bettany | Mortdecai exclusive Interview (2015)

Hello, how are you.

Hello, how are you.

I'm Vanessa, nice to meet you. Nice to see you again.

ding dong merrily on high

Your characters almost have a bromance going on in this movie.

Tell us something about their relationship

It's a very special relationship. It is.

He treats me very badly. Shoots me. Runs me over.

But I still love him. I would do anything for him.

And we rehearsed those things quite a lot.

A lot of the things that happen to me in the movie Johnny came up with,

and I think he asked me to play the role so he could keep putting me in jeopardy.

and laughing at me wrestling a Doberman Pinscher or setting me on fire.

Let's set fire to Paul today. He was on fire. I was on fire.

But you are healthy now, everything's fine? Everything's good!

The movie has an obsession with mustaches. Especially your character.

I brought some for you. I would love to know which one you would pick for your friend.

So Paul, if you could pick one for Johnny, and Johnny, for Paul please.

I personally like to see you as a bandit. I'm not saying what sort of bandit.

But you already got a bandit on. This is your mustache.

You are right!

I have your mustache.

It's really hard to take it of, right?

It would fit to you, too, actually.

This is marvelous, thank you for this.

Were you jealous that you didn't get to wear a mustache?

Absolutely not, having just experienced that one.

No, It's impossible, give up. It's like Algebra, nobody can do it.

This is supposed to be his.

What's the name of that one?

The Schlaumeier. It means like clever boy.

That's lovely, thank you very much. You're welcome.

We are very exited to see you in Pirates and in Avengers 2.

Johnny, could you imagine Paul being a pirate,

and Paul, could you imaging Johnny being a super-hero.

Could I imagine Johnny as a super-hero? Not really!

But then I can't really imaging myself as a super-hero, but somehow, it happened.

I still can't talk about The Avengers.

Every time I do, I see like a red dot appear here, I see sunlight glinting of a telescopic lens.

I am sworn to secrecy on that one.

How about you Johnny, could you see him as a pirate?

No. Yes. No. Yes.

I think he'd make a great pirate. He'd be great anything.

I could be your simple brother that turns up.

Come to Australia with me! As simpleton brother.

I wanna steer the ship! Please be that guy!

Well thank you so much for the interview.


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