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Hello, DisneyCarToys here with my Frozen dolls, and today we're going to play with Chelsea's

Hello, DisneyCarToys here with my Frozen dolls, and today we're going to play with Chelsea's

Clubhouse. This adorable Barbie set comes with everything you see here, including the

Chelsea doll. The Chelsea Clubhouse comes with adorable

furniture like this set of table and chairs, her kitchen with an oven and refridgerator,

and this little daybed. The house has two floors, and forget the stairs, take the elevator!

The roof can act as Chelsea's bedroom, or it can be a garden.

Hey kids, Anna, and Barbie, and I are going to go in the house to hang out, so you can

play with Chelsea a bit in her clubhouse, but probably only ten minutes.

If you need anything just holler. And get along!

Yay, Chelsea, thanks so much for having us over! What should we all do together?

Let's play pirates. We can be like Peter Pan, and we can sword fight, and have eye patches.

I don't want to play pirates, that's too much of a boy thing. Let's do something girly,

like play house in the clubhouse. Now raise your hand if you want to play house.

Oh man! There needs to be another boy here!

Sorry Alex, you're outnumbered by girls. Looks like we're playing house.

Okay everyone, here's the rules: I'm going to be the mom, Alex of course will be the

dad. Krista and Felicia, you're the kids. And for this game of house we're going to

pretend it's Felicia's birthday and we're making some cupcakes.

Okay kids, I just finished making the cupcakes. Who wants to lick the bowl?

Now Krista, while the cupcakes are baking I need you to take a nap.

Ding! Oh the cupcakes are ready everyone. Mmm. They

smell good. Oh Mommy Mommy, I lost my special stuffed

animal bunny, fluffy bunny. Oh Alex, I mean husband, I need to get the

cupcakes out of the oven. Can you help Felicia find her stuffed animal bunny.

Okay, I think it's upstairs. Going up!

I found the bunny! Yay, yay, you found him. I don't know what

I'd do without him! Hey everybody, the birthday cupcakes are out

of the oven and ready to eat. (yawn) That was a good nap. I'm ready for

my cupcake. Wait, there's only two cupcakes! Come on!

(knocking) Come on kids, ready to go.

Aww, we were just getting started. Sorry we have to leave, but you can play with

Chelsea another time. Click on a picture to watch another fun toy

video, and don't forget to subscribe and like. Thanks for watching and have a great day!


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