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Oh wow, it feels so good to be back from the hospital.

Oh wow, it feels so good to be back from the hospital.

And I just can't believe the doctor got the gender wrong at the ultrasound. The last few

months we've been preparing to have a girl, and it turns out our baby's a boy.

You got your way after all. We now have a Kristoff Jr.

Luckily, my mom mailed us some of my baby clothes from when I was a boy. Let's get him

out of this pink stuff right away. Hang onto the pink clothes he's wearing though.

Maybe someday we'll have a girl. Yeah, and we could name her Krista.

Krista? What? Is that the girl name for Kristoff? I don't know about that.

Wait, wait, wait, before you change him, let me get some pictures. Cause after all, this

is the first outfit he's ever worn. (click)

And when he's in high school, we can embarrass him with these pictures.

(click, click, click) Oh Kristoff Jr., you're so cute, you're so

cute. (kiss) (click, click)

And let me get some pictures of you holding him, when he's dressed up like a girl.

(click) Okay, okay, that's enough.

Okay, while you get Kristoff Jr. changed into boy clothes, I'll change the bedding. I really

liked this girl bedding too. Right now I'll just use your blue baby blanket.

His crib's ready, so we can put him down in a little bit. But first, family hug!

Ah, a baby Kristoff sandwich! Ooh, that gives me an idea.

Family selfie. Let me get my camera. Okay, I got my camera. Say cheese.

(Click) And get a picture of me sitting down with

Kristoff Jr. You can never have too many pictures.

(click) Smile!

(click) Auntie Elsa's here to see her beautiful baby

girl. Ugh, why is she dressed like a boy? The doctor read the ultrasound wrong. He thought

it was a girl, but really, it's a boy! Wow! That's wild. He looks so cute. Anna,

he really looks like you. Luckily, he escaped Kristoff's nose. No offense. Well, I guess

these pink pajamas I was going to give you are useless now, but he would probably love

the teddy bear. Here you go buddy. And of course lets take some pictures of Kristoff

Jr. and his new teddy bear. Here let Auntie Elsa hold him.

Sure just don't pinch his cheeks okay? I wouldn't do that!

Oh, you guys are so lucky. And I'd be happy to babysit anytime you need.

Oh believe me, we'll take you up on that. (click, click)

Well, sister, I'd better head out. I have a hot date with Prince Charming's cousin.

Congratulations on the cute baby boy. Oh, thank you, see you later sis. Bye.

Honey, I'm going to put Kristoff Jr. down, then we can have a nice quiet dinner, just

the two of us. Goodnight, cute little baby guy. Sleep tight.

Oh, this is so nice. Just dinner, you and me.

Yes, it's nice to have some quiet, just you and me time.

(baby crying) Well, that didn't last long. I have a feeling

we'll have a lot of interrupted dinners. (music)

(clicking) Whoa, whoa, whoa, honey, enough pictures.

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