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EP5:Camping Battle

EP5:Camping Battle

【Flight CA131 has arrived】

【Running Brothers have arrived in Seoul, South Korea】

Welcome to South Korea

I haven't waken up yet

What are you doing? We just off the plane

Welcome to South Korea, Running Brothers, Hi we are Running Man in Korea

We have arranged an exciting vacation for you

Have a good rest. Tomorrow 8am, see you in the Cheongnyangni Station

Cheongnyangni Station

See you in the Cheongnyangni Station. Running Man

Running Man in Korea

Tian-Ba Dong Ba Tua

Running Man in China S1EP5 Replay

China, South Korea, Alliance

Running Man, I love you

Come on. Hello

Yes. Running Man

【Running Man in Korea, we are coming】

Seoul, South Korea, beautiful scenery

【After 2 years, Running Brothers came to this city again】

Hello everyone, welcome to Seoul, South Korea


Now you are at the most popular departure train station of South Korean youngsters, the Cheongnyangni Station

We are young

So you two old men shouldn't attend this episode, OK?

Here is for the young people

Who said I'm not young?

Young people won't do these poses

Young people are like this

Young people like this. We do this, right?

Wait, the true young person here hasn't said anything

Today you all have received RMK's invitations

you will have a trip as what they have arranged for you

finally, we will spend tonight by camping

so the whole day you need to try your best to get items of camping


【What wonderful games they have arranged?】

【RMK who have played these games have sent sincere invitations to RMC】

Running Man will continue forever

We are looking forward to it badly

This is so amazing, surfing, water-skiing, bungee jumping

We are looking forward to bungee jumping, I wanna do bungee jumping

For convenience, we have prepared TUNIU wirelesses and OPPO cellphones for you

【Train trip recommended by Gary】

Here it comes

Dragon head, so beautiful

so many people

not bad


Then you can sit like this

Our train travel now begins

To make you enjoy the vacation more happily, Gary has prepared some games

now show the game props

【A big dice with "get off"s and "get on"s】

【Dice game: in 40s stop time, who throws out "get off" must get off the train】

Throw out "get off", then get off the train?

1st game: Shake the Pedometer

There are these in your bags

There are two pedometers in each of you's bag, bind one to head, one to wrist

shake your bodies with the music. At last, two pedometers' numbers added

Determine the ordor of throwing dice from the least count to the most count

Also can shake when sitting, do no have to stand

Milk sprinkled

Head is so hurt

I'm turning back, so dizzy

I almost shake out my fleshes to fly

How long shall we shake?

Head so hurt


Wang Zulan off yours, 157+138=295

What? I only got 40

Zheng Kai, 137+40=177

Deng Chao, 133+128=261

I seem to be the most

It seems mine doesn't work

Maybe your rhythm was very good

I'm the last one. You and I are No.6 and No.7, just like we in EP1

Truly mine doesn't work

Chen He No.4, Li Chen No.3, Baby No.2

【Zheng Kai will determine his destiny first by throwing the dice】

If he threw out "get off", then he will get off right?

so nervous

【Throwing area prepared】

40 seconds only

get on, get on


Hurry up, go!

Is this over?


This is too hasty

You were so hasty, you didn't prepare well

I prepared

Kaikai is gonna cry

I prepared, I held the side up with more get on

It was the longest 40s in my life

Bye, we will miss you

Too hasty, I just threw one time

I like this game so much

laughed to die

He is so lonely

There will be more people to get off

Come on, no more hard games?

Give the next chance to him. Just let him get off directly

take the mission card

2nd game: Large or Small

This game is very simple, randomly take the bottles with numbers under them

who gets the larger number will throw later

I choose the last, I'll let you see what is large

From Wang Zulan, please reveal first

Maybe he can get on

so nervous

be quick, go together

Chen He - GET ON!

Lu Han - GET ON!

Wang Zulan - GET OFF!

Why? Wasn't me No.7? -It is very beautiful here

It's suitable for you scarf. -You fighting. -Don't cry.

Good scenery

You are so miserable

Where am I?

What station is it?

Go to Gapyeong to meet Zheng Kai

It hasn't opened? Wow rice cake


Can I have a topokki? -One? -One, yes

How much is that? -Korean money 2000

I...have no money

Could you just give me a little? one?

This too much, this for me

You mean it's too much or just give you a piece?

This is too much, just one for me, OK? Thank you

Thank you

Thank you【begged alms successfully】

South Koreans are so kind

【Where did this car come from?】

I have a cellphone. Customer service

Hello, welcome call, here is TUNIU Seoul customer service, may I help you?

I wanna ask for a taxi

You have TUNIU app, we will locate your location, the taxi will arrive in 15mins, the driver will connect you later

OK, I wait you, call me later, byebye

3rd game: Page the magazine

How to page?

Take the magazine to a page, determine order by the amount of people in the two pages

All by fate

All words without people

seems many

Li Chen - 6 people

These two are the same people

Baby you should say they may be twins

Baby - 2 people

Chen He - sea of people

Mr Winner 【tag the last number consciously】

Who Else!

【all words】

Deng Chao - none

You don't need to play, he's none. -Wait, come on Lu Han

【Also none】 Play Rock-Paper-Scissors

Why did I page?

Son, let dad go it first

Dad, no, it doesn't matter

I go first. -Let's Rock-Paper-Scissors

1 draw

2 draws

3 draws

4 draws

Lu Han won

I'm almost gonna be deaf

Why I'm still No.2?

Nervous. Let's gogogo

Quick quick quick

Deng Chao - GET OFF!

Are you all right? Uncle you can do it, take care of yourself

Compassion to the elder, for your hard work along the way

I love to be here with beautiful scenery

This is my world, this is my fate

so horrible

Anyone here?


Congrats to you who have survived, now you get your mission card


Please go to 2nd vacation point: Road Youming?, Seorak, Gapyeong, Gyeonggi

【Winners team arrived at Gangchon Station】The air is so good

Chen He Chen He【bungee jumping platform】

Oh no, it can't be. -Bungee jumping

【Game 2 of camping battle: Outdoor extreme challenge】

Because you 4 survived have arrived here early, you have more time to choose and challenge the events here

There are 5 events in this game. You have to choose and challenge events with different difficulties in limited time

Get R coins by accomplishing challenges to buy the camping items

The camping shop behind you will open at 1:00pm and close at 1:30pm

Please hurry up, challenge it

If you go bungee jumping, you will get 10R, with 10R you can buy the most advanced tent

I won't go for it even give me 1000R

I won't play it even you pay me, you know?

12:00pm, winners team, challenges begin

Must get the camping items, I can't sleep on the ground

What's this? Feel the speed with your whole body. -Tremor boat

Flying fish. -What's flying fish? -There it is

Coz it can fly high? I'm afraid I'll fall down

Just close your eyes. -OK

We have to count, you see?

【Game Flying Fish:You will hear some band names before starting, count the number of band members】

【answer it right, you will get 8R】


like this?

I can't lie in, I'm too wide

Are you ready?

Q:"the Black Durks" plus "Yu-Quan" plus "the Little Tigers"

start off

Totally don't know, can I get back?

I wanna get back

Anyone can tell me what is "the Black Ducks"?

Baby, what is "the Black Durks"?

We are flying fishes

Have you opened your eyes?

"The Little Tigers""Yu-Quan", I know them

Quite cool, truly

How many in "the Black Durks" do you know?

I don't know what is "the Black Ducks"

What is "the Black Ducks" choir?

There should be 5 or 6 people in something called the Black Durks choir

We have arrived?

He's dead

Wake up Black Bull

Where am I? -Jeju Island

We have arrived at Jeju Island? -We have flied to Jeju

Please tell me your answers one by one secretly

Wait, let me think it over

In my impression... -You two can not discuss

We are not discussing【...but gesturing】

Your answer is


Ok stand by

Bro Chen


Li Chen, Angelababy, both are right

That's great

How many R coins can we get? -8 for each of you two

So lucky with Black Bull -We got 8R

This tremor boat is -a little bit cute

【Game Tremor boat: sitting on the boat with a full cup of water, afterward, the one with more water wins, and gets 7R】

Remind you again, hold it with two hands firmly

I can't, I almost fall down now

【small head unstable, big head stable】

No water immediately

Lu Han, save me

Still all right, hold it

Do I still have water? -Yes, you do

I help you hold it up

How much water do I still have?

How much water do I still have? -All gone


Do I still have water? -No

Neither do you. -Neither do I

My feet are so cold

Help me?

Congrats to Chen He

You have won 7R -I got 7 pillows

Give me 3? -Fine, give you 3

Sharing weal and woe. We were almost trembled to fly

【Zheng Kai, Zulan, and Deng Chao arrive at the mission place finally】

What are they doing?

You are gonna jump this

The last one to stand there must do bungee jumping


Camping shop behind you will open at 1:00pm, close at 1:30pm, hurry up and begin

Brothers, you can do it, feel the stimulation of bungee jumping

What stimulation? Why I have to feel?

Bungee jumping ticket, I will go for it immediately

【Game Bungee Jumping: Jump from the platform and rip the judger's nametag, get 10R】

It sounds so horrible

Can I change my choice now?

I've never been at the same height as the aerial camera

Then come on, never mind

Running Man!!!!!!

Let's watch it over there

Could I go to have a look?

Go away, this aerial camera, I feel extremely high when it's there

so horrible

My heartbeat is very fast, it means good or not?

You can still give up now

Am I truly sure? -3 -wait wait

Wife I miss you. Goodbye wife

Hubby you are so good, you are perfect

I don't give up, fighting

Running man!!!!!

Hi everyone, I'm Song Joong-ki. We are FAMILY

Yanan, look at your man

I need to rip his nametag, where is the judge?

I wanna know if Zulan kept closing his eyes

You are so awesome, Zulan

I do it again

Again? Zulan is so awesome. OK, let's do ours respectively

【Game Pushing Hands: Push down the muscle man, best of 3, get 4R】

【Deng Chao won, got 4R】

【Game High Altitude Fetching Water: make the barrel full in limited time, get 5R】

Li Chen, fetch successfully

LuHan ChenHe Flying Fish Q: "Top Combine" plus "Twelve Girls Band" minus "Twins"

both correct

【Zheng Kai succeeded, got 10R】

It's 1:00pm, shop's open

How much is this chair. -It's not for selling

I can't afford it. -What you wanna buy?

Advanced tent

Why you wanna buy that? buy this, this is the most valuable one

Add them up are ten

I still don't dare to jump down

Haven't closed right? shopping here?

I got a sleeping bag

【Buying camping items with their R coins】

【10mins left】

You jump or not? -I want to

【Chao who is the timidest in the show dares to do bungee jumping?】

I don't think he will make it

Jump down quickly

But I haven't decided it now, actually I'm here for fetching water

Truly I come up for fetching water

Truly horrible

He certainly thinks it simple

I'm ready for jumping

Fighting -2mins left

2mins left

Relax, nothing to be afraid of

I feel so scared

1min left

Mama, my love, DengDeng(his son), Flower(his daughter), I'm OK

Can he do it in time?

【It's a power endowed by his family and brothers】

【Like a superhero coming down】

【The captain will keep leading them in the future days】

Running Man

-I love you. -Brother


Time's up

【It's not true】

It's over, get off work, 1min left when you jumped

But commendable courage Bro Chao, you are very good

Bro Chao, time's up when you came, but in order to praise your courage, we give you 1R for the jumping

now you have 12R to buy items

That's not bad, you could buy something

Honestly, with this courage, I do not need a tent tonight

Congrats, you have completed 2nd camping battle, please come for the next mission card

Choose flags, get partners

There will be some guests next

Who are the guests?

They will also choose the different-color flags, you and your partners share the same color flags

【At another place, there are also 7 different-color flags】

ZK:Lady first. DC:I wanna red

【The guests also have chosen their flags】

【Camping Battle Game 3: Privity and Physical】

We will play with guests from this part?

Of course, or why shall we make matches?

Who will hold this color?

There they come

Yoo Jae-suk


Lee Kwang-soo, HAHA, Jee Seok-jin

Song Ji-hyo, Kim Jong-kook

【Running Man China and Korea finally meet again】


【The one with the same flag as Zulan is...】

This situation is that we don't understand each other

We should be the weakest team in the history

Korean Gray and Chinese Gray -So happy, Zheng Kai

My younger brother Deng Chao, my bro

My elder brother, I thought it will be him

I really miss Deng Chao

But he never mentioned Deng Chao for even 1 time to me in a whole year

He mentioned to me, very unhappy he got ripped by Deng Chao

At that time, my nametag had advantage of being small

And that time we just met RMK, they made a guiding effect to us


I understood (He understood)

I can understand (They all can understand)

Stop translating, I can feel it

What's wrong with this bro

I understood what Deng Chao said. -What did he say. -I just can

Obviously you didn't understand. -No translation, I can understand

I swear this team only come for work, there's no friendship

Deng Chao will sleep at my home tonight

I will leave my bedroom to Deng Chao

Bro, ask us to you home as well

No, they can't

We just discussed that's perfect if Baby got him

I felt Angelababy would choose pink one, so I chose it

I also thought he has a pink heart

Angela, why you didn't send invitations to us for your wedding?

I exclusively adjusted that day's schedule

I had prepared my dress

We had been waiting your invitation so long

I will hold another wedding again tonight

Today Black Bull is very shy

Before they come, all the boys said they want Song Ji-hyo

We said we all want Angelababy

Chen He and I filmed a film together

He is really good at eating

no no no

How could you be such fat?

So what? That's cute

He has gained weight because this time he comes to face you

I see

We keep our teammates the whole day? just curious

They two together?

Do you unsatisfied each other?

Perfect heights

All right, we two can both be seen in one picture

Where am I

Thanks for your hard work

【I would do everything for you】

From now on, you will play the games with your partners

Two people wear the fixed shoes, lean back, succeed if through the cross bar

fail if bar dropped or bodies touched the pad

Decide the top three according to the bar heights of successful challenges

The later you play, the more advantages you get, coz you can learn from the previous players

so before the formal game, we will play the big chopsticks game to decide the order

The team which put the most milk on table can decide all teams' orders

Don't worry

I guess Kwang-soo can get 3

Bro, I have confidence

Shouldn't you change your positions?

Sorry, we need to change the position

Can't see you if he's in front

【Quietly tiptoe】

You clamped my waist

Gray and Zheng Kai haven't got one yet

Zheng Kai what are you doing?

15s left


Time's up

What you did this?

We should have had more

Chen He and Jee Seok-jin, none

CH:We played happily even we have none. JSJ:We got 5

LKS:Bro Zulan made the plan. WZL:We could win with my plan. PD: LKS WZL, 1

Kim Jong-kook and Baby got 8

Zheng Kai Gary 1

harder than imaged

15 seconds left

Li Chen is generalist

Li Chen gets 2 at the same time

Well done

Time's up


Kim Jong-kook and Baby got the most, so they can decide the order

Anyway, Baby will make the decision

You come to Angelababy and perform well

Angela I've brought you a gift

I dislike this kind of behaviour the most

【Love heart killer Chen He】Bro Jong-kook dislike this the most


He picked it

Let's decide the order

We really need to observe this game, we can't be the first

It's funny only if they are the first

So you first


Really love you. Kim Jong-kook

Deng Chao 6th, coz they gave heart

Little Lu 5th

Baby, don't you think we are poor enough? 【give a bigger one】

OK, they are No.2

The weather is not good


You Chinese is getting better【His Chinese is getting better】

I'm working on it lately【He can speak Chinese right away】


He's really working hard on it

He's doing great

【The first team: Wang Zulan, Lee Kwang Soo...they're challenging the 1.1m height】

Isn't it the 1.1m height

【They take the challenge of 1.1m height】

It's a piece of cake to me【He feels no pressure: I got the advantage】

Okay let's do it

【Try it first】

【The long legs falls down all of a sudden】

What can I do

I'm sorry, bro

【This game is a black hole to me】

I can't do it

Challenge【Let's begin】

Challenge【Let's begin】

Shall we lower the pole a little bit

【Zulan, if you two are ready for it】

【You could say the word "challenge" at the same time】

【Then the pole would go to you】



It's so fast【It's moving super fast】

【It's getting closer】

It's almost there

It's close

【Can they pass it】

【He's too tall for this】

【It's a tough task for "giraffe"】

【They failed】

He got a tall nose

It got nothing to do with his height

Are you all right【They're coming forwards to send some love】

Are you all right

Did it touch your nose

【He faced it directly】

The nose

It's all right【The nose got bad luck】

The nose

You got a tall nose

【Team Zulan and Lee Kwang Soo failed】

【The second team: Chen He, Jee Seok Jin...they take the challenge of 1.1m height】



I can't do it【He has already wanted to quit】

They want to challenge the 2m height

【They're trying it】

【Are you sure that you are bending yourselves】



【He wants it to stop in one second】

【Cut the crap】

【Bend now】

【It's moving too quickly】

【Can they pass it】

【They're using the same pose synchronously】

【Looking forward to it】

It moves so fast

【It's all in vain】

【They failed】

The hair【It's because of the hair】

【I'm staring at the front】

【I'm staring at the front but forgetting to keep my haircut down】

【We fell down unconsciously】

You could pass it if you wear a headband【Team Chen He and Jee Seok Jin failed】

【Now let's welcome the third team, Zheng Kai and Gary】

【The third team: Zheng Kai and Gary...They take the challenge of 1.1m height】

【He can bend 45 degrees easily】

No problem【Let me have a try】

Are you okay【Piece of cake】


【They're so good at this】


The Matrix

The bullet time

They're amazing

Let's do it


Get ready...it's getting closer

It's lower than you thought...be careful【Talking of experience】

Get ready...it's getting closer

【They passed it with no surprise】

【They are at the same page even though when they're getting up】

【Congratulations. You made it】【She's stunned】

【They overcame the challenge of 1.1m height】

Michael Jackson【You guys are so cool】

Just lower the pole【Zheng Kai begins to show off】

It's too tall for us

【Team Zheng Kai and Gary managed to challenge the 1.1m height】

Is it all right for you

Li Chen and Song Ji Hyo are going to challenge the 1m height【The lost Hyo seems she understands it but not really】

It sounds fine【I can do it】

Can you lower it in this round【It's getting difficult: challenge the 1m height】


Wait a minute

Com'on【It's too late to regret】

【Be careful...it's moving to you】

【Two parallel lines】


Congratulations you made it

【The fifth team: Lu Han, HAHA...They're challenging the 1m height】


【How would they do】

【Everyone is getting excited】

【In the last second】

【Lu Han fell down】

【It's such a shame that I couldn't hold on】

What's going on【How could you fell down at the very moment】

Why【I'm sorry but I really can't hold on】

What happened

What happened

Why would you fall down【Team Lu Han and HAHA failed】


I ran out of energy

1 meter


One meter

Go for it【They're cheering up for each other】

Go for it

【The height is 1m】



【Can they pass it】

【They're highly concentrated】

【They passed it】

【They earn their own good names】

【Congratulations. You made it】

【Team Deng Chao and Yoo Jae Suk managed to overcome the challenge】

【The next team is Angelababy and Kim Jong Kook】


Jong Kook

【Team Baby and Kim Jong Kook challenges the 1m height】


Oh my God


【Kim Jong Kook rose up but where's Angelababy】

【I tried】

【Team Baby and Kim Jong Kook failed】

You're so close

One more time please

【Those teams who won continue to challenge the next round and whichever team can win the game】

【Now you could choose whichever height that is under 1m to take a challenge】

I would like to take 80cm【Gary proposes to take the challenge of 80cm height】

Okay【That sounds fine to me】

【Team Zheng Kai & Gary takes the challenge of 80cm】

【Yes that's what I said】

Really【They're willing to try their limit】

I mean it

【They can't help repeating it】

That's fine

Okay 80cm

It's awesome【Let me warm up first】


It's impossible【It's impossible】

It's impossible

【They're holding their breath to witness this very moment】

【Can they make it】

【They're getting nervous】

【We made it】

【They're thrilled】

【No wonder you're called the super fitty man】

You made it【Team Zheng Kai & Gary made it】

I made it

70cm【Let's try something wild】

Can it be 75cm

Try the 10cm

【Being lost】

Can't you guys be nicer to Song Ji Hyo

You're so quite today

It's enough...Be quite dudes...We challenge the 80cm【The lost Hyo is speaking finally】

Be quite

Let's start

【Team Li Chen & Song Ji Hyo challenges the 80cm height】



【The gentleman big black bull is supporting Song Ji Hyo in the whole run】

【A strong arm】

【Mama Chen is so powerful】

It's amazing

【Team Li Chen & Song Ji Hyo managed to overcome the challenge】

What's the height now...is it 80cm


Why don't we try the 70cm

If you don't take this challenge

we would try the 50cm

50cm【They're bluffing】

We would try the 50cm as well【We want it as well】

【You guys failed and got no chance to try it again】

10cm【That's that】

【You guys failed and got no right to take part in it】【They're trying to earn a sense of existence】

【You got no right】

【They retreat quietly】

70cm【The sixth team: Deng Chao, Yoo Jae Suk...They take the challenge of 70cm height】


【It's getting more and more difficult since it's lowered to 70cm】

It's impossible

【Can they make a new record】

Oh my God

Brother team【There's nothing would take us down】

Yeah brothers

My bro, Deng Chao

I'm counting on you, Deng Chao


It's impossible

It's absolutely impossible

It's so difficult

It's impossible

【In face of this kind of challenge, can they overcome it and make a miracle】

【He's highly concentrated】

【Holding his breath】


【I can't believe it】

【The Super Brothers again proves what's called overcoming the impossibility】

Congratulations. You made it【Team six Deng Chao & Yoo Jae Suk made it】

【They're showing everyone what kind of magical waists they got】

I don't want to see their butts at all【Uncles, you are so cute】

What're you doing

What are you doing


The senior dance

This is the truth in Chinese and in Korean

The older a waist is, the stronger it becomes【The brainiac's quote: the older a waist is, the stronger it becomes】

【Team Zheng Kai & Gary and team Li Chen & Song Ji Hyo are in a tie and placed at No.2】

【The Monday couple: Gary lets Ji Hyo be placed at No.2】

【The three winning teams have a right to exchange camping equipment with others】

【The three winning teams have a right to exchange camping equipment with others】

【Exchanging the camping equipment】

I didn't get the tent【Wang Zulan; Zheng Kai】

Today is raining【Wang Zulan; Zheng Kai】

There's nothing【Wang Zulan; Zheng Kai】

Why【Chen He; Lu Han】

Look at this

【Zheng Kai; Deng Chao】

Why do exchange yours with mine

Kim Jong Kook is here

I'll make you win

Yeah【She can't stop being happy with Kim Jong Kook】

【We're the perfect team】

I like him a lot

I didn't thought he's that kind of outgoing【We're so together】

I like you【Suddenly they're confessing to each other】

I like you too【Suddenly they're confessing to each other】


I don't know

【He's using all the English he learnt】

We would be happy tonight

I think so

Happy day【Today is a happy day】

We should stay low at the beginning【He's acquiring experience from a senior】


All we need is to stay low

We need to play poor...try it

It's not enough...be poorer【The foundation of being "poor"】

You want me to act "poorer"【Is it not enough】

If we encounter someone

Take Chen He or Kim Jong Kook as an example

【He's playing poor with his every cell】

【You're making me laugh】

【Please give me one more chance】

Try it one more time

Let's do it

That's it【He's making a huge progress: the advanced version of being "poor"】

Trying the cat

Yes just like it【The final version of being "poor"】

Please give me one more chance

【The teacher and the student are doing this poor look together】

That's our strategy【You can graduate】

All right

【Just now it's the first time for Chinese and Korean Running Man to have a ride together】

【Could you share any interesting story】


We could feel each other

Our hearts accord with each other【They have a mutual affinity】

Yes our hearts accord with each other【They're attached】

【Is it the truth】

Today I finally got a chance to have a seat with my idol【Brother Chao talks first】

I got a feeling on what brother Chao is talking about【You say something and then I reply...we're so together】

But I don't know what exactly he's talking about

I guess it might be something like let's work together【Their communication is based on guessing】

Is it, Deng Chao

Yes that's what I was talking about【They're talking to themselves】

I always learn a lot of things from him

Brother Chao seems to making a self-introduction【They're having a good time even though they don't know what each other is saying】

I can feel what he's saying

【We share an affinity】

My Di-di(little brother)【English-Chinese: my di-di】

It's not a problem【English-Chinese: my di-di】

My Di-di(little brother)【English-Chinese: my di-di】

My di-di

My ge-ge(Elder brother)

We both are good at English【Showing off: we have a good communication】

There's no problem to communicate with him

Very good【Repeating: very good】

Today is a happy day【Let's show them what we got: today is a happy day】

It's a happy day

We can show it to them...we listen to the music【The lost Hyo and big black bull enjoyed the music in the car】

Sweet Sweet【She not only listened to it but also learnt how to sing it】

You smile like an angel

Li Chen doesn't sing easily at the usual days【It's abnormal for Li Chen to sing】

He doesn't sing

And Ji Hyo usually doesn't talk in the car【Ji Hyo usually doesn't talk in the car】

She sleeps in the car


【The Goddess of sleeping】

【Take a glimpse and go back to sleep】

【Being embarrassed】

We talk about business【Gary and Zheng talked about business back in the car】【They're in a warm atmosphere】

We got so much to cooperate

Brother Gary said he would rap in Chinese and I'll rap in Korean in his next album【They make a deal to sing together】

Yes it's a deal

No problem【Deal】

Mei Guan Xi(It doesn't matter)【It doesn't matter】

【They not only look alike but also share the same habit】

Tell you the truth...I don't know Chinese culture at all

But I like China, you know it【Though we're brought up in different cultures, we share the same thought】

It might be a new challenge to me

Sometime I would be surprised at

how many Chinese call themselves my fans and come to visit me

And they call me brother Gou(Dog)

【You will have to finish the fourth task of Camping Battle】

【Please come and take your task card】

【What kind of task would it be】

A friendship competition of ripping wristbands【Is there something...like ripping wristbands】

Doubles competition of ripping wristbands【A friendship competition of ripping wristbands】

Chinese-Korean Friendship Competition of Ripping Wristbands【I'm looking forward to the friendship competition】

Wristbands【Relax...I know it】

【You two will share one wristband】

【If it's broken】

【Then you two need to discuss who will be out first】

For those who are left alone

Others can eliminate them only by ripping their nametags

【Winner; loser】

What's it【The reward for the winners is】

【It attract everyone's attention】

The camping car

Camping car【The camping bus】

Is it for us【A luxurious camping car】

Are you serious

【I mean you can sleep in this bus】

【They lost their interest in one second】

Only for sleeping

This bus is for two brothers

Fighting【The cutest team: Wang Zulan, Lee Kwang Soo】

【Team HA Lulu: Lu Han, HAHA】

【Team Lost Bull: Song Ji Hyo, Li Chen】

【Team King Kong & Bobby: Kim Jong Kook, Angelababy】

【Team Kings: Chen He,Jee Seok Jin】 【Team King Kong & Bobby: Kim Jong Kook, Angelababy】

【Team Kings: Chen He,Jee Seok Jin】

【Team Super Amazing: Deng Chao, Yoo Jae Suk】

【Which team would cooperate with tacitly and win the game】

【Small France Village】

【They almost tear it apart】

Oops please be careful【Be careful】

Our strategy is【The technique freak always talks about the strategy first】

I think we should hide ourselves at the very beginning

【The core of the strategy: hide】

【I got the same idea】

【We're on the same page】

It would torn apart with you pull it【The paper wristband is pretty fragile】

Hide it like this

It would be broken if you pull it with any strength【They hide the wristband behind by shaking hands】

All right【This is too fragile】

Won't it be broken apart easily【This is too fragile】

Okay Won't it be broken apart easily【This is too fragile】


Okay【Seok Jin and Hehe are ready】

So we're going to...

We usually keep it this way【They hide the wristband behind them】

So Running Man in Korean version has made many episodes in this place

I don't if I'm allowed to say this

Though Running Man has made many episodes in this place

It's the You Who Came From the Stars that made this place a popular spot【The place which has witnessed many episodes of Running Man becomes popular because of a TV show】

【This romantic spot】

【once is where Professor Du and Cheon Song Yi started their relationship with a kiss】

This place smells so good【This place smells so good】

It smells very good

We're in the restaurant and I'm very hungry【They're guided by their noses】

Come here

【Kwang Soo discovers the root of the attractive scent】

【Being thrilled】

Can we eat something

We need to wear the wristband before we eat

Then we wear it

【You can't leave each other】

Shall we【We can fight against them only when we got our stomachs full】

【A strange eating pose】

【It's so easy to be happy】

It tastes so good

【The Chinese-Korea Friendship Competition of ripping wristbands is about to start】

It's on air

【The Chinese-Korea Friendship Competition of ripping wristbands is about to start】


My brother【I can't wait】

My little brother

【On my count】

【Game on】

【Game on】


【We will set off hand in hand】

Where are you going to【They encounter each other】

Why do you behave so closely with each other【Aren't you the same with your teammate】

You too【Likewise】

You two look like taking a walk in the rain

【They look like twins】

I can't agree more

【They leave each other after saying hello】

【Who are staying over there】

【Team Lost Bull】

【They're observing others in somewhere high】

Brother HAHA

Okay【Team HA Lulu is looking for preys】

Lu Han

【Why do you ring the bell】

【Where does the sound come from】

Brother, what're you doing

【Tinnitus: he becomes a lost bull】

Are you all right

I'm fine

What're you saying【What're you saying】

Whatever【Team Kings goes indoor】

Today is a happy day【Team Kings goes indoor】

【They notice the looking-alike brothers are downstairs】

Here they are

【Hide yourselves first】

They're coming over

I'm hungry【Me too】

【The cutest team is enjoying the food】

It's so delicious

【Who does Deng Chao discover】

【The Super Amazing brothers】

Is there anyone coming to us

What are they eating【What are you eating】

They look like eating something

【I want some food too】

【They can't stop】

【The looking-alike brothers also discover Kwang Soo and Zulan】

Cheers【They're eating so fast】

To victory【To victory】

To brothers

My bro

【Let's go rip their wristbands after enjoying this】

I think the kitchen is a good place to hide ourselves【They start to talk about business after getting full】

It's a good place of hiding

【Gary shows up suddenly】

That soon

Wait a minute, bro【They hide their hands at back】


You're not yourself, Kwang Soo【Zulan is launching a sneaky attack】

Rip it【In a tie】

Get rid of me【They dragged down Kwang Soo's sleeves】

【Look they're in a fierce battle】

【They run towards there on tiptoe】

【They two can see everything】

【I enjoy being the third party that can benefit from their battle】

Wait a minute

Do you want to eat something【Wait a minute】

Bro, they're allied【They're changing the subject; they use the same skill in different language】

Do you want to eat something


Brother Seok Jin is allied with brother HAHA【They have formed an ally】

Really【They have formed an ally; eat something】

The food is good【They're attracted by the food】

It's tasteful The food is good【They're attracted by the food】

Is it


【A meal can solve a lot of problems】

It smells so good

We ate a full bowl of it respectively

It tastes so good

It's rice

Rice...And we made a toast with it【They suspend their attack with food】

Wear your headband first【They're bonded: Two hands from each of them make things perfect】

The headband completes me and makes me a handsome man

Thank you so much

【Hug me tightly; Staring at them】

What do you mean

Are you ready

Are you going to leave alone now that they've allied with each other【Let's make an ally】

Why don't we have a ripping game first【They're not buying it: let's rip it】

You two are so good together

【A "sinful" hand shows up】

【The Super Amazing brothers show up sneakily】

You should take the initiative to do something like him

【The wristband is broken】

You should take the initiative to do something like him【They made it quietly】

【They're stunned】

Bye bye【Bye bye】

See you【They loosed their hands】

We need to leave after the meal

【Kwang Soo, I'm so sorry】

I just finished my meal and now I have to leave the arena【I didn't see it coming】

See you

I'm sorry【They're leaving immediately】

I just finished a bowl of rice... I'm sorry【Is it an end】

I'm sorry

So now there's only one in their team would stay【With a broken wristband, they need to decide who would leave】

Does he need to rip our nametags

One of them would survive

【Celebrations: those who are elder always win】

I feel good【It feels awesome after a successful sneaky attack】

Why are there so many people coming after us

Bye bye

I'm sorry

What's going on

Kwang Soo

What's going on

Kwang Soo

Listen to me

I was going to form an ally with you

But that's how it ended【It got nothing to do with me】

You should have told me there's someone at our back【Complaining】

At least you could give me a hint【They were busy negotiating】

I didn't see them coming, Kwang Soo

I'm sorry... we don't even leave this room

We haven't even left this room【There's only a bowl of porridge between being happy and being eliminated】

I just only ate a bowl of egg porridge

And then we're ripped

There's even no chance for us to the outside world

We've been waiting for so long to this part【It's nonsense...That's the end of our journey after a meal】

【You two have to decide who will be out given the condition that your wristband is broken】

All Chinese audiences are watching this show【It's not easy for me to show up in front of them】

Hello everybody, I'm Lee Kwang Soo【He's grasping time to make a self-introduction】

I'm glad to see you


You can stay

He can stay

I stay【Zulan takes the initiative to leave】

No...you should stay

Listen to me...if I stay, I will lose the game for sure

If I stay, I will lose the game for sure【Zulan decides to make "giraffe" to stay for the sake of their team's future】

Wang Zulan is out

Oh no, bro

No...Wang Zulan is out

Bro, you're too kind to me【Being touch】

Who else would lose the game【He gives him a warm hug】

He's like a kin brother to me

If I stay, there's no chance for me to win...what can I do bro【Com'on, let me hug you again】

I'm sorry

We won't regret to be together once【We won't regret】

We don't need anything else since we got each other【We don't need anything else; We won't regret for it】

We enjoy the process

Everyone else except us could leave【They're in harmony】

We would stay together no matter who stands in our way

My heart is aching【My heart is aching】

What can I do, bro【You need to take care of yourself...I'll miss ya】

I'm sorry【You need to take care of yourself...I'll miss ya】

Kwang Soo, I'll miss you【They burst into a rage of tears】

Bro, I'm sorry【They burst into a rage of tears】

Kwang Soo, I'll miss you

Bro, I promise I'll try my best to win the game【Bro, I'll do my best】

I mean it【Bro, I'll do my best】


I will

I won't let you sleep in the woods【He promises he won't let Zulan sleep in the woods】

Create a miracle


I'll create it for you

【Create a miracle, Kwang Soo】

Kwang Soo, fighting【You gotta fight for us】

I got more responsibilities on my shoulders【Dry up my tears and go ripping】

I mean it

I won't let brother Zulan sleep in the outside

I mean it【You guys wait and see】

It's of no use

We have to stay together【Don't go away】

We have to stay together

【Settling the old scores: he starts with his ex-ally】

You can't rip our nametags

I didn't mean to do that【Com'on man, cut the crap】

But I just did【Com'on man, cut the crap】

But I just did it out of any reason

Kwang Soo, calm down 【The blue clothes shows up again】

【When Kwang Soo is entangled with the looking-alike brothers】

I didn't mean to do that, but I just did it【The king of sneaky attacking is on his way】

I just did it

Calm down, Kwang Soo【With the same hand】


【With the same innocent look...hahaha】


【Gary is adding oil to the fire】

I'm sorry


You did the same thing【Why would you rip my nametag, bro】

【That's all he can do】

【"Giraffe" can only attack them back powerlessly】


Kwang Soo, I'm sorry【He tries to weep but fails to shed a tear】

It feels so familiar to me【Lee Kwang Soo is out】

It seems I once dreamed about it

I'm sorry, Kwang Soo【That's how I'm eliminated at the beginning of the game】

That's not how it ends【That's how I'm eliminated at the beginning of the game】


【In the "prison"】

Kwang Soo, com'on【He still has a great hope on Kwang Soo】


Kwang Soo, fighting

It was so horrible

Are you out

【"Giraffe" arrives like an underdog】

Kwang Soo is out,too

【Pit-a-pat:He's on his knees and asking for forgiveness】

Kwang Soo

Don't tell me it's true【Does my bad luck infect him】

When we finished the first bowl of noodles

One of us was out【The bad-luck Zulan made a right prediction again】

When I finished the second bowl, the other one was out

It didn't need to take two-bowl-of noodles time to make us out【Our game is over in two-bowl-of-noodles time】

I'm so sorry bro【Bro, I let you down】

I'm sorry for making you sleep in the outside【He can't help crying on the ground】

I'm sorry【He can't help crying on the ground】

Why【In sorrow】

We did the wrong thing at the very beginning

【We're so poor】

I feel so sorry【Though he's saying so, he didn't hesitate when he did it to Kwang Soo】

There're only Li Chen and Ji Hyo staying in the dark

Aren't they hiding themselves【King Kong & Bobby are coming over】

I think so

Would it because of the singing part

I think they decide to hide themselves until the end of the game

Why don't we stay together and fight against Li Chen【They gather together and Chen He suggests they should unite together and eliminate Li Chen】

We would make Li Chen out first, okay【It works】


【Speaking of the devil】

Is Kwang Soo out【There he is】

Who broke their wristband

Brother Jae Suk

What a fast move

It must be a fast move【Big black bull doesn't notice anything and joins in the discussion】

No wristband, no worries

【Rip him or not...do it】

【They're working on it quietly】

What can we do now【Being alert】

Since we're running out time, let's do it now

【Circling them】

Be careful

Don't do that【Being nervous...getting himself prepared】

Let's just stay like this

【Gary is approaching quietly】

【But Chen He notices him】

HAHA, do it now【It's not our plan】

No no no


This is the most dangerous team【Team Chen He & Seok Jin is the most dangerous one】

We will leave it to yourselves【We ain't no part in this】

We're leaving

Yes we are

Go to that side【They're watching them】

Be careful

Go to that way


【Team Kings is encircled】

Wait a minute

Why【He sits down and yells】

It's so dangerous...Let's spilt up【Enjoying the show】

You guys are...

【No or never】

【Kaikai broke their wristband】


【Leave me alone】

【Leave me alone as well】

【They need to decide who would stay】

Ah I'm so pissed off

Yes【Well done】

I'm so pissed off

I'm so sad【Being depressed】

I'm so angry

No one is trustworthy【I didn't see it coming】

You can't believe anyone【I didn't see it coming】

You stay


Yeah【Seok Jin decides to give the chance to Chen He】

【Seok Jin is out because their wristband is broken】

Brother【You gotta fight it back】

Who's the next【They begin to decide who's the next victim】

Who's the next


Chen He, come here

Chen He is so dangerous... We need to think it twice【They won't give up hunting us】

【Jee Seok Jin is out】

Jee Seok Jin is out

Nose Wang

Let's split up

Why don't we let one person to allure another team to come here

If we are the bait

It won't work if you guys are not here any more【Being careful with their suggestion】

We'll be here waiting for you【We're not that kind of people】

Go be the bait please

Which way should we go

That way

If you go that way

Then we will stay there waiting for you

If you go that way【Team Lost Bull is putting down their guard】

Then we will stay there waiting for you【Team Lost Bull is putting down their guard and ready to be the bait】

【They didn't realize that a danger is coming to them】

【Did Zheng Kai make it】

【Did Zheng Kai make it】

【Their wristband has been broken】

Leave now【Being in shock】

I'm sorry【The looking-alike brothers are leaving immediately】

【It hurts...I can't accept this】

I can't believe they would betray us【Now I know what you are, Zheng Kai】

Me neither【It's hard to prevent】

That's fine【In order to reach to the final victory】

Can you do this alone, Li Chen【Ji Hyo decides to leave Li Chen on the battle field】



【Fighting: you have to win the game】

Fighting...You gotta win the game

【The most powerful man is stimulated】

【I have to hold on till the last for the sake of Ji Hyo】

Li Chen【Li Chen】

What do you want

Let's make an ally

【Let them know how strong we are】

Com'on【Let them know how strong we are】

Come to me【They want to stay till the last moment for their own teammates】

Is it Zheng Kai


【Their target is Zheng Kai】


We, the team mother and son, stay together【The ally of mother and son is formed】

Let's get rid of them

Let's rip them

It's going to be a great night

Let's go

It's a feast to us

Let's go

I haven't betrayed them for so many episodes

Now I'm set up

【What does he find】

They're downstairs【They take the initiative to find preys for the sake of their teammates and honor】

Chen He is allied with Li Chen【It doesn't look good】

【Can they find Zheng Kai】

【They don't dare to move easily】

【It seems someone is coming to us】

【black bull shows up】

【I got you】

【The day comes at last】

What can we do

Okay... No【Now it's time for us to make things clear】

He's gonna grab my hand

【Gary loves exaggerating performance】


You're pretty persistent【It's a little bit difficult to fight against one hand with my both hands】

Drag his clothes

I'm so pissed off

【It's such a shame to be apart with you】

【Such a shame】

It's been a long day for you

It's fine

【What're they looking at】

【They're focused on watching things】

Okay【They can communicate with each other through eye contacts】

Let's go

Brother Suk is over there【On the other side, they spot the Super Amazing Brothers】


【They're walking along the slope slowly】


They are in the same ally now

They are in the same ally now

【What're they talking about】

【Would it be relevant to us】

【Yes we're talking about you】

It seems there's someone on the upstairs】

They're friends


They're friends

【Should we go over and have a little chat with them】

They're over there

If they come over to us

Let's start the ripping game right away then【If they come over, then let's do it】

Let's grab them directly

【They are on the same page】

I'll grab one of them

【Three teams are getting closer to each other】

Let's pretend we got no ally first

【Let's pretend we got no ally first】

Would you give us a chance to perform ourselves

【Let's do it】

What【What's going on】


Should we go first

What【The Super Brothers are encircled】

What are you doing

Rip it【They're controlled by all of them at the same time】

No no no

【They're trying their best to protect the wristband】

Okay I made it

【The wristband is broken after all those struggles】

Oh Lu Han we are going to be punished

【It would be harder for us to survive】

My little brother, now I'm totally pissed off

My brother【Being angry】

My little brother【Being angry】

It's our mistake to be so careless【Being angry】

We would revenge

We will revenge

Okay I would like to stay

【Deng Chao stays to finish the game】

Okay Deng Chao, my little brother

Don't worry

I won't fail you【With a mission to revenge for his brother, could Deng Chao hold on till the end】

【HAHA and Lu Han are getting worried】

Besides me


I thought it's Deng Chao

【A life-sized cardboard cut-out which looks like brother Chao】

He thought it's Deng Chao【You're getting nervous】

Deng Chao

Their clothes are in the same color

【However, the real Deng Chao is hiding behind the cardboard】

【He's waiting for a right time to take action】

【Will notice brother Chao】

【Being frightened】

Deng Chao

Run【He's about to run away but captured by Kim Jong Kook】


【Lu Han managed to rip Deng Chao's nametag】

At the same time【HA Lulu's wristband is broken by Deng Chao】

Are you okay

I'm fine

I didn't notice him the whole time

【Everything just happens so soon】

We just talked about how much you and this cardboard figure look alike

And then we saw a foot hidden behind the cardboard【I can't believe the real Deng Chao was hidden behind it】



We just said this cardboard figure looks similar to you


I need to collect more nametags today


Keep fighting

Let's go

【Deng Chao and HAHA are out at the same time】

They should have wined the game tonight【The "prison" is getting crowded】

We should have wined the game【It's such a shame】

You did well at the first game

We would have wined the game if HAHA didn't stand in our way

【So it's all my fault】

It's a magical that Chen He is still alive now【It's totally unbelievable】

【Is someone coming over】

【His mind is somewhat unhinged】

Chen He【Why would you show up in this place】

Kim Jong Kook is a monster

He's a monster【He scared me out】

Kim Jong Kook【That's how he treated me】

【I know that feeling, bro】

【It's all about tears】

【There's another one showing up in the "prison"】

Zheng Kai【Being passionate】

Zheng Kai


It's me

【It's been a hard day for me】

【Bro, I know it】

【A few minutes ago】

【Kim Jong Kook is taking everything under control】

【He ripped Chen He's nametag in a second】

Are you all right【Is that fast】

I'm fine

【Let me take a pause】

Sorry【They're not going to make it any easier for each other】

【Kim Jong Kook once again ripped a nametag(Zheng Kai's) quickly】

【I can feel his strong power】

【Zheng Kai is out】

【He earns the title of nametag-harvester by his power】

Kim Jong Kook

Weren't you two staying together back then【Being confused】

Kim Jong Kook and Angelababy

Their hands are tied so tightly

【I got nothing to do with that】

Fighting【A fight among the strongmen】

You two hold on for one night


Yes we do


【I'm kind of lost at the moment】

【He dodges it swiftly】

Their hands are at the back

You only need to drag Baby away【They're in a tie】

Drag Baby away


【Lu Han got Baby】

Drag her away


No【Don't let me go】

No【He doesn't intent to give it up】

【Big black bull is holding him under control on one side】

【Kim Jong Kook is trying his best to protect the wristband】

【But it's broken at the end】


【I'm drained】

It's over

It's over for us

Are you all right【He's out of breath】

【I'm sorry for failing to be with you at the end of the game】

Thank you so much

That's fine

He got two hands now

Now Kim Jong Kook can use both of his hands【When Kim Jong Kook can use both of his hands, he would show what he's truly capable of】

Oh no

I think it's getting more dangerous when their wristband is broken

【It won't be any easier for us】

【Come and rip it】

【He's nervous and thrilled】

【Big black bull is calm】

【He's trying his limits】

【He's coming up with some solutions】

【He's highly alert】

【Who would be the first to be out】

【Who would be the first to be out】

【black bull got Kim Jong Kook's nametag】

【The result would be...】

Is it done

They're coming

【Being excited】

Is it three of them【Do they come back together】

Their clothes are torn apart【What's the result】

Lu Han, why would be in there【He looks so serious】

【Tell me who's the winner please】

Lu Han, you have survived for a long time

What's the result

Show us please

Let's see the result

321 Turn over


【The winner is Lu Han】

How could you do that

【Being surprised】 How could you do that

【Being surprised】

How could you do that

How could you do that

【In the final battle】

【Li Chen got Kim Jong Kook's nametag and ripped it immediately】

【They cooperated and eliminated Kim Jong Kook】

【Kim Jong Kook was out】

It begins【In the final fight, Li Chen VS. Lu Han】

There's some distance between us【He can't help feeling afraid in face with big black bull alone】

I can't reach to him

I would only use one hand【He offers to use one hand only】

Com'on, that's fine【It's okay...com'on】

【They got each other's nametag at the same time】

【Did I just make it】

【I can't believe that I did it】

How could it happen


Is it real【What an amazing son】

I made it

Thank you

What's it

What's it

It's gold

What【Being envious】

It's my first time to get a gift

Everyone would get a souvenir【Other brothers also get a souvenir】

Thank you

【I'm delighted】

Please show it to us all

【This is the first time for little Lu to win the game】

【Congratulations, little Lu】

【It must be unforgettable】

It's amazing

【Heartfelt congratulations on his victory】

Speaking of it

It's the first time for me to be the winner and get the gift【He's sharing his feelings】

Today I've learnt a lot from brother HAHA

My birthday is around the corner

And it would be my best birthday gift【The most special birthday gift】

The best birthday gift ever

【The joy is overwhelming】

Happy birthday

Running Man

【We are family】

【Heartfelt thanks to all the Running Man members】

Com'on【After they set apart with the Korean Running Man members, they have a camping dinner themselves】

Is Zulan asleep【Wang Zulan: a pillow, a camp bed, camping warming equipment, a sleeping bed】

Get up, Zulan

Time for dinner

I need to warm up my sleeping bed【I have to warm up my own nest】

Hahahahahaha【The champion Lu Han: get a luxurious camping bus】

This bus is amazing

Black bull【He's talking to someone】【Li Chen: a pillow, a sleeping bag, a camp bed, camping warming equipment, a high-classed tent】

He must be calling someone【Are you talking about me】

We know it for sure

It's probably

Calling somebody is one of Li Chen's most favorite

Li Chen

Chen, come and eat something

Chen He

Hehe【He's already fallen into sleep】【Chen He: two pillows, an automatic tent】

Get up

Come and eat something

【Be at home】

Shall we go back to our own tents

And enjoy the night【Let's enjoy the good night】


【Good night】

【The fifth pass, mission completed】



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