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Hello Disney Car Toys Here. And today I am going to show you this very unique Barbie

Hello Disney Car Toys Here. And today I am going to show you this very unique Barbie

Puppy Play Park Play set. With this set the puppies actually attach to each other and

move together. And the puppies can go down the slide and can go up the slide. The dogs

can also play fetch and try to catch the ball. And this is what really makes the set unique

when Barbie claps or you clap the dogs really move. Here's the Puppy Play Park it is easy

to assemble but you do need triple A batteries for the bigger dog. This set is cute and has

a lot of features Barbie has a cute short little puppy dog dress there's a dog house.

There's a big slide for the puppies to climb on and slide down. It comes with a little

ball This bush and also this nice pink fence that keeps the dogs in a big dog and a little

dog. The big dog is carrying a little dog bone and this is the one you put the batteries

inside, you need two triple A's. and to turn on the clapping activation you need to press

this little pink button right under the dogs mouth. to get barbie to clap she has this

huge button in her back with a little puppy pal you just press that and see shes clapping.

Lets see this puppy in action. Clap Barbie clap. wow holy cow look at the dog go! through

the bush under the dog house and gone. And the little puppy doesn't move on its own when

you clap but it does have these little connector pieces in front also in the side. When you

pull the little connector piece out you can even have it switch from the left side to

the right side. and it has this little nob and that's what connect to the big dog. Lets

see the dog run together. Go get the ball. Get the ball wooo! There chasing it. Look

there chasing it! Oh they lost the ball. oh there running away. Hey kids what are you

doing here at my Puppy Play Park. Oh we saw that you had two really adorable puppies and

saw that you were clapping and moving and we just wanted to know how you train your

dogs. Oh yes children oh course I can teach you how I train my dogs. just remember that

I am a professional dog trainer though and it does take a lot of hard work to get your

dogs to learn these tricks. Okay puppy you know the routine. When I clap you slide. ya!

That's right good job good job. and know i will attach my little puppy to my big puppy

and she will follow her. And know I will attach the puppy to the side and they can run next

to each other. and now the puppy will go down the slide and hit the ball on her way down.

Oh how cute and sporty you did such a good job training you puppies. Can we pet them?

Oh yes, of course my puppies are super friendly. and they love children. oh your so cute i

wish my puppies could do what these puppies did. oh look this puppies is giving my kisses.

hehe. Thank you so much for joining me on this toy review and puppy dog training class.

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