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Mom thanks so much for letting Alex and I sleep downstairs tonight.

It's so fun can we do it all the time?

>> No, not every night.

Just this week because we're remodeling your bedroom.

And I think you'll really like it though.

It's gonna be a big kid's room.

Anyway, it's getting really late, so

do you guys want me to tell you a bedtime story before you go to sleep?

>> Yeah, Mom, tell us a really awesome story.

Oh, oh, oh, do the Cinderella story.

That one's my favorite.

>> Oh, I tell you the Cinderella story all the time.

Why don't I change it up a little bit.

This time, I'll tell you a story about Cinder-Elsa.

[SOUND] Oh boy, I just hope this house is clean enough and

Mother Gothel will let me go to the ball.

I just really, really want to go and meet the prince.

And I've just been working so hard.

My back hurts.

I'm just tired.

>> Oh, Cinder-Elsa, I need you to

give me a pedicure so my feet look nice and beautiful for the ball.

I guess after you're done scrubbing the floor.

Eww! I would totally never, ever,

touch a broom or any kind of cleaning brush ever.


But don't I look so fabulous in my dress?

>> And when with her pedicure, I need a manicure from you because

I need my nails to look so beautiful for the ball, so I can impress the Prince.

Oh, and I also need you to do my hair, and there is a lot of it.

[LAUGH] Thanks.

>> All right,

Cinder-Elsa, have you finished all the chores I gave you to do today?

And there was a lot of them!

I had you scrub like all the floors and

all the windows and dust every single shelf in this mansion.

>> Oh yes, Mother Gothel, I did everything that you asked and more.

I even went outside and trimmed the hedges, and

I cleaned out the refrigerator and vacuumed underneath the couch.

Can I please just go to the ball with you guys?

Yeah, about that.

See we've spent all day getting ready and beautiful, and

the ball is like in just an hour, and we're gonna be leaving soon, and

you're all gross and full of dust and stuff.

So, you probably shouldn't go.

So you should probably just stay here and talk to snowmen or something.


>> What?


No, come on.

I've been cleaning all day.

I even cleaned the bathrooms.

And I worked so hard to go to the ball, this just isn't fair.

I just, I just don't know what to do with myself, this is horrible.


>> Girls, get your behinds out here right now.

We are gonna be late to the ball if we don't leave right now.

And I will leave without you.

Oh, you take forever to get ready.

>> Cinder-Elsa didn't even give me my manicure that I needed.

My nails are going to be pretty, lame.

Oh, I can't fit through this door.

>> Yes, Cinder-Elsa is so lazy,

she didn't even give me the pedicure I needed, and I need my nails to be pretty.

I guess I'll wear close toed heels.

I just get.

My dress is so poofy.

Just let me get in there and.

[SOUND] I just, I just wish there

was some way I could go to the ball.

I cleaned and I cleaned all day, and, and they were so mean to me.

I just wanna feel pretty for once.

And, and leave the castle and go somewhere nice.


>> I heard the cries of a fair maiden, and I'm here to help.

>> [SOUND] Oh, wait, what?

Who are you, and what, and how did you appear out of nowhere?

And how did you hear me crying?

>> I my dear, am your fairy god merman, and

I'm here to to help you with any problem you have.

>> Oh, you're a fairy merman?

I've never heard of one of those before, but hey, I'll take it.

I'll take anything.

You see, my evil stepmother and evil stepsisters made me clean all day but

they won't let me go to the ball and, and all I want to do is dance and

have a beautiful dress and just act like a normal person.

>> Oh, don't you worry, my dear.

I will channel the powers of the ocean

to make sure that you are ready to go to the ball and you are there.

>> Oh, thank you, fairy god-merman.

Oh, you're making my dreams come true.

I'm so happy.

>> Now, first, I will channel my powers of the ocean,

to make you the most beautiful gown you will ever see.


A dress as sparkly and blue as the night sky.

Oh it is dazzling, it will surely

win your prince charming over.

>> Oh thank you fairy god merman.

I just, I can't believe how beautiful this dress is and it's mine.

And I look so lovely, and it's so glittery, and

I just feel like a real princess.

I love the choker, and the dress, it's so poofy and perfect for the ball.

Oh, and these slippers.

I, I just noticed them.

They're very different too.

They're sparkly and glittery.

And they, and they seem kind of different.

They're really hard, but.

Cold, what are these?

>> Yes, those are actually ice slippers since you know, glass is so last year.

>> Oh wow, ice slippers?

I've never worn those before.

But they feel so natural on my feet.

Huh, I wonder why?

This is so amazing.

Thank you so much, but the ball's already started, and it's so far away.

How can I get there on time?

>> Oh, don't you worry about that!

I will make you a beautiful chariot to take you to the ball!

Now I just need to find something to turn into a beautiful carriage.

Hm, let's see.

Let's see.

Oh, aha, this random little pumpkin growing over here

should make a perfect shape for a carriage.

I channel powers of the ocean to turn this little pumpkin into a beautiful carriage,

la da de, la da do, da da do.


>> Oh my goodness,

I can't believe you made this beautiful carriage just out of a little pumpkin.

It's magnificent.

Look at the jewels, and oh it really roomy inside.

>> Isn't it breathtaking?

Alright, now you just need something to pull the carriage to get you there.

Hmmm let's see.


I can turn this random snowman sitting here into a beautiful horse to pull

the chariot.

I channel the powers of the ocean to turn this snowman into a beautiful horse.

La da de, la da do, da da do.

[SOUND] Let me just tie him up.


Your horse is tied to the carriage and you are all set to go to the ball.

>> Oh, thank you so much fairy god-merman.

I just don't know how I'll ever be able to repay you.

>> Oh, but I must tell you one very important detail.

You must return home by the strike of midnight because on the twelfth strike

everything will disappear, and go back to the way it was.

Because for some reason, my powers just don't last past midnight.

>> Oh my, well, I guess I'll try to be home by midnight then.

>> Now into your beautiful carriage, and

on your way to the prince's ball to dance the night away.

>> Oh, this is just so magical and amazing.

Oh wow, I just can't wait to go to the ball.

>> Now off to the ball you go to meet your Prince Charming.

>> And then the horse swiftly took

Cinder-Elsa to the palace.

Where she was going to dance with the prince.

>> Oh, that's so beautiful Mommy.

Tell us about the ball now.

>> Oh, it's much too late Felicia.

We'll have to save the rest of the story for another night.

>> Okay, Mom.

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