Irish Coffee with Jameson Irish Whiskey vs Baileys Irish Cream Coffee in Dublin, Ireland

So this afternoon we're doing a battle of the drinks. We are ordering two different

So this afternoon we're doing a battle of the drinks. We are ordering two different

spiked coffees. Sam is getting the Irish Coffee and I'm getting the Baileys Coffee. And we're

going to see which one is the tastiest.

So I've known for a while I've wanted to do an Irish Coffee taste test video but of course

I didn't know where to go.

While walking around the streets of Dublin we found a place that said: "This has got

the best Irish Coffee in the city."

So we're looking forward to trying it and seeing if it is the best.

What is in your Irish Whiskey? Tell us. Alright, so if you take a look over here you'll notice

that there is cream on the top. And then this is normal coffee which has been enhanced with

sugar. And the secret ingredient here is Jameson Whiskey. Oh, yeah!

Time to take a sip.

That must be good because you're chugging it. That is so good.

I mean I got a big gulp of cream because it is the first sip but I also really tasted

a lot of the whiskey and of course there is a really strong coffee flavor. And the sugar.

It is like basically having a dessert.

So I got a bit more of a feminine drink instead of whisky.

This one has Baileys cream liqueur. So let's try it.

Ooh, you can definitely still taste the alcohol in that.


Yeah, this is nice. And it is really sweet. Like Sam said about his it is almost like

a dessert in a cup. And it is really nice on a cold day.

So I'm just going to keep sipping. So basically it is the same as an Irish Coffee the only

difference being that there is Baileys instead of the Jameson Whiskey.


We're switching drinks here for a second.

The girly drink.

The Baileys.

That's really good. I actually prefer Baileys to Whiskey so I'm going to say the Baileys

wins out on the Irish Coffee.

So I guess it is time for me to try yours. I have a feeling I'm not going to like it

as much because I'm not a big whiskey fan. But here we go.

You have cream on your lips.

I like mine better for sure.

Mine is sweeter. This one is a lot stronger. It's got a kick to it.

And I feel like if I drank this whole thing I would tumbling by the time I walked out.

So Baileys for the win? Baileys for the win.

So you enjoyed those? Yeah, I think we're all done here. So in terms of price point

you're looking at about 4.95 Euro per drink. That's how much we paid over here.

And I think what really makes an Irish Coffee taste good is there is two main components.

The first is that they don't skimp out on the Whiskey or Baileys. That they put in you

know a generous amount of that.

And the other thing has to do with the quality of the coffee.

And both were excellent here. So I can give this place a really good score.


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