Pioneer DDJ-SZ Serato DJ Controller Official Walkthrough

The new DDJ-SZ completes our range of Serato DJ performance controllers.

The new DDJ-SZ completes our range of Serato DJ performance controllers.

It's the fourth and final unit in this professional DDJ-S range, which has something for every situation, setup and price point.

From small to big, they all provide effortless control of the most exciting new features that Serato DJ has to offer.

Different levels of portability, connectivity and build quality make this technology accessible to everyone.

The SB is perfect for beginners -with the lowest price and best portability - but it is still completely capable of providing professional results.

The SR is the next in line, with an aluminium faceplate, 8 performance pads and four-deck control.

The SX is the perfect balance of portability and unprecedented performance control, with a built-in four-channel mixer for big system connectivity.

Finally, the SZ is the ultimate professional Serato DJ controller the market has been waiting for.

At 10 kilos or 22 pounds, and just under a meter wide, it packs in most of the technology found on a CDJ-2000 and DJM-900NXS setup, with that familiar spacious layout and chunky controls.

The most obvious professional features are the huge CDJ platters with central jog displays.

This shows the playback head position as well as a red countdown to the next cue point; providing the best virtual stickers on the market.

And unlike other controllers, the DDJ-SZ accurately replicates the Serato DJ playhead on screen, In high resolution.

This, combined with conductive touch technology for smoother, lighter more responsive control - not to mention mechanical tension adjust - makes the SZ perfect for beat juggling and scratching.

The platter edge also lights up blue (when set to control decks 1 and 2 )and white (when controlling decks 3 and 4), making assignment stunningly clear.

Brake speed, wide pitch, Slip mode, and all the usual flagship deck controls make it everything a professional could wish for.

The popular pad section works exactly like the DDJ-SX, with Hot Cues, Roll, Slicer and a velocity sensitive sampler, but with three new shift modes.

Hot Loop, Loop Save and Slicer Loop mimic the main pad effects but with added auto looping.

The pads themselves are the biggest on the market, at 30mm squared, spaciously laid out with plenty of room to get creative.

The new colour illumination makes it easier to know which pad effect you are controlling.

Even more useful, and exclusive to the SZ, is the ability to customize the colour of each Hot Cue pad in Serato DJ.

Now you can categorise cues with a different colours for Beats, Breakdowns, or intros and always recognise the right button to press for every track in your collection.

The DDJ-SZ will take centre stage of almost any size setup, with its four-channel stand-alone mixer that shares the build quality, components and layout of our flagship mixers.

High quality faders feature deck fader start control and P-Lock caps that will never come off accidentally.

Our best ever magnetic cross-fader is capable of performing 10 million operations without losing quality, and has tension and curve control.

Just like our top of the range mixers, the SZ gives you 4 Sound Colour FX.

Choose between Echo, Filter, Jet or Pitch and then turn the knob on any channel to instantly apply the effect.

Twist to the right from its centre position to get high pass filter, or left to get a low pass filter.

What makes these totally unique is there are six independent FX units, making it possible to dial in different parameters for the Mics and Sampler output, the four mixer channels and now the master channel too.

On top of the sound colour FX, the SZ has an all-new oscillator section allowing you to instantly trigger and control extra, synthesized sounds on top of your set.

Noise, Siren, Horn & Reverse Cymbal add extra depth to your mixes and can be combined with Sound Color FX and routed to mixer channels 3 and 4, or the master output.

As well as all of these great performance features, the SZ has been designed to make it easy to switch DJs by including two USB connections.

Two laptops can be connected at once and the entire controller can be split into two, which makes it possible to DJ back-to-back effortlessly with both having access to all functions of the mixer.

When the previous DJ has disconnected, the DDJ-SZ automatically switches over control of the other half.

To make this a reality, we've included two 24-bit soundcards with five stereo channels out.

These soundcards also feature five stereo inputs, so you can control Serato DJ's four virtual decks with Serato Noisemap discs or vinyl, and record your whole set with the fifth stereo input.

Of course the DDJ-SZ will work as a Midi controller and soundcard for any music or DJ software with the same switchover capabilities and even connect two different audio applications from the same computer at once.

When it comes to connections, a total of four CDJs or any other line level devices can be mixed.

Channels 3 and 4 have phono preamps, so two turntables and two CDJs could be used in combination.

There's also dedicated inputs for two microphones, which means you won't have to sacrifice mixer channels.

The output section is the same as the DDJ-SX, with balanced XLR master and balanced jack Booth output, plus Master 2 on RCA.

However, it is seriously upgraded when it comes to quality, as it borrows flagship technology to get a stunning 107dB signal-to-noise-ratio on the outputs.

The SZ uses an audiophile Wolfson Digital-to-Analog Converter, as found in the CDJ-2000 nexus.

Providing access to the best of all worlds the DDJ-SZ can be combined with CDJs for rekordbox playback, sub controllers for even more control, and even turntables for vinyl purists and scratch DJs.

It's the most affordable way to get flagship CDJ and DJM build quality in one consolidated unit and provides a fistful of exclusive functions you won't find anywhere else.


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