U.N Report Says Natural Disasters Caused 600,000 Deaths Over 20 Years

Natural disasters over the past two decades

Natural disasters over the past two decades

have killed over 600,000 people

and caused trillions of dollars in damage,

according to the United Nations.

The UN released the report called

"The Human Cost of Weather Related Disasters"

on Monday Nov. 23.

The study found that there were

an average of 335 weather related disasters

annually between 2005 and August of this year.

That's a 14% increase from 1995 to 2004,

and nearly twice as many as in

the years from 1985 to 1994.

The report said the 5 countries hit the hardest

by weather related catastrophes were the United States,

China, India, The Philippines and Indonesia.

Since 1995, weather disasters have killed

606,000 people, left 4.1 billion injured,

homeless or in need of aid.

U.N officials warned that the death toll

would rise if greenhouse emissions were not reduced.

For NewsBeat Social, I'm Christelle Koumoué.


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