Disney Princess Surprise For Backpack Barbie, Queen Elsa, & Anna, Play Doh Surprise Egg By WD Toys

welcome 2wd toys

welcome 2wd toys

hi guys it's great to have you back Disney Princess Surprise For Backpack Barbie, Queen Elsa, & Anna, Play Doh Surprise Egg By WD Toys

while local we have today we have a princess surprised at good lot said

gifts and surprises for you

firm princess else %uh

law really gotta see what's in here

and at the end of the video we're going to have another surprise guest

with a surprise eg I can hardly wait

and their question up today s what does

olaf love go ahead and leave your comments

in the comments section below the video okay

let's go ahead and see what princess Alsup

got for you up

while look at this bag

its fall we will start

rate here

it's at our POS all with princess elsa

lots 1 lows tall

all souls that'll be cool to put together


we got a heart candy for on Bell

and Rapunzel we'd have

a My Little Pony coloring and activity

block we've got a My Little Pony

wild rain ball folder we have

Dora the Explorer a learning work block

are we have my little pony:

plate pack could grab and go wow that looks fine

and here we have

a My Little Pony gel pen stationery set

how all my little pony:

pencil bag a pack of colored pencils

a pack of crayons our lock

nice princess cup with a straw wall

lots down here look has a snow globe

with Cinderella spouse lilac it's snowing

that's cool and

I'll what's this all it to my little pony:

a mystery many these are fine of

figures Lawal that looks

call I wonder which one will get

we will find out soon okay let's ask

Barbie how much all of this costs home

all small

way of lol

I mom

like kid well

LA home kiddo

help K

of kiddo

what I all

of I

I okay of

well well

way home all

small LA she Hill

I LA home

all Cape Okla

hard alright hip

well LA okay let's see how much it cost taught all

I NJ lol LA all very

Hill it well hi

okay we're gonna pay with

credit card cell less see

your I year great called

okay while

that was awesome I can I think a closer look at what we've got okay we had the

tower pas law

%uh a see what that looks like inside

okay here you got on the puzzle pieces

I have to have 1 my daughter split that


you've got the cream and you get a

red pink like

all lilac color purple light blue

blue why he and yellow and then you get the My Little Pony

coloring in activity block now looks fine

has lots of stuff in it

and then we get the My Little Pony

the wild rainbow all folder all that's a nice one

look inside wild rainfall

while that's cool and then next

was Dora the Explorer learning book

workbook its colony want to throw 20

writing numbers 1 to 20 and activities

let's see somebody's up what's this

are while the company stickers there have been there

and they all say something nice like yeah

while nice magical

amazing and then you have fun

activities that I hope you learn

to top

that schools see it when you dine you get a certificate of completion

you name it put in here says y'at golle

and you could put that up on your wall okay what was next

hours the play pack the graben got my little pony:

while let's see what's in here


you get 8 krantz law I look at these glitter stickers

are there some of some

look at this

look I think they're getting married I that's cute

and then you get t sheets

why I look %uh me different parties could you name them all

wow that is cool

then you've got us 10 soldier are all

drawl drawling tool

here you get now My Little Pony

see his get the wings you go around go ahead and trace in you get the My Little

Pony you get it

crowned Miss star while lotsa stuff and then you get to play

pack grabbin golle coloring and activity block

I miss nice a small you just stick this in your purse look at it

call so many pictures while they look so cute

I like my little pony:

and then you got the velvet

coloring sheet Lawal that is nice

till okay what else was in the past you've got that

8 coloring pencils all these nice

their pre sharpened see him in colors you got there

K let's see what we got next

our look at this

you got my little pony: gel pen stationery set

huh let's go ahead and open this thing up

how this ends easy to open up you just slide it here

and opens right up


the sea are they give you lotsa stickers still

can you name all not ponies

security guy Rainbow Dash

you get friends together lollers lotsa them

let's take a look at the dow drawing pad

in the gel pen it says rainbow

power and look at the Penn

as a buncha Little Ponies on it that's cute and is a small pen seeking

take easy take it with you all

it's a blue gel pen boy this rights nicely

quite a nice collar that is

and then now we get out my little pony: pencil holder

this amine ICP use it for Ukraine and still

put all your different clans here in

bring your coloring book and then we have

all look it's candy firm grip on Salon now

let's take a look inside comes in it clear

hard lifelike

get candy you gonna Sleeping Beauty

he and you've got sender a lot

and that's good candy and then you can save the heart

ok to put your screen keys inside

I likes going peace they're fun to play but

and then all block is to my little pony: blind box

are I wonder which on reagan again

let's go ahead and lock for Chinese

think Ill the lied on all

I really want to see powers in a bag

and they may keep they keep you wondering


I'll look at this so on she's so pretty

do you know her name if you do you know

go ahead and leave it in the comments section below till

law I'll look she's bloom

she's got a purple magic keep she's got a magic

magician's hat on mid lotsa stars look %uh

cute she has wow i like this one

that is awesome well guys

elsa really got you a lottt

yeps as cassis who did this surprise guest is

in what is in the surprise ache

okay who's our next guest before she comes on I would like to tell you

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okay she has golden green dress

she has in her movie

there's a frog man who can it be

can you guess who it is. yeah you guessed it

its Tiana while her dress looks nice

okay she has his surprise egg for you

okay here's the ag

why I'll look and add

she made you a dinosaur egg that is

call sky red eyes he's got a red spots all over his body

unlucky air is eating the grass wall

is gas spikes in everything that's a shame to take this thing apart he looks

up call


I want you guys to see what's inside so I'll

let's go ahead

okay up

with the yellow egg inside let's see what's inside the egg

up there's another egg

and what's inside here

hard disk linky mom she looks up here too

she looks almost like Cinderella but I don't think it is

because it does not have a crowned I think if a Cinderella

she would have a crown plot guys I had lots of fun with you

and I hope to see you soon


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