Along Came Polly (1/10) Movie CLIP - Reuben and Lisa's Wedding (2004) HD

Look, Reuben. Yeah.

Look, Reuben. Yeah.

Now, I'm asking you this because you're my oldest friend in the world.

Uh-huh. And I'm your wingman.

Okay. What?

Are you sure you wanna do this?

Sandy, there's not a doubt in my mind.

Okay? I found the perfect woman.

We're totally in love.

My life's working out just like I planned.

Let's go get married. Okay.

- [Glass Breaks] - Mazel tov!

Go on. Kiss each other.

Big smile, everyone! Come on. You love each other.

Smile, Grandma.

Having fun.

- ## ["Hava Nagila"] - [Yelling]

Whoa! [Screams]

[Cloth Rips] Ohh!

Hello, everybody. I'm Stan Indursky, Reuben's boss.

Thank you. You're very kind.

Now, Reub's not the sort of fellow to brag about his own success,

so I'm going to do it for him.

The fact is, this young man here...

is the best risk assessment expert...

in this whole meshugas we call the insurance business.

Irving, Vivian, you've raised a wonderful son.

Let's hear it for him.

Reuben, Lisa, let me just say...

that I would insure your marriage any day of the week.

Mazel, you two. Good things.

[Woman] Mazel Tov!

Oh, and, Lisa, don't tire him out too bad on the honeymoon.

- I need this kid fresh when he gets back. - [Laughing]

- Mazel, mazel! Good things. - You know what, the truth is,

I've been waiting for this day my entire life.

And about four and a half years ago, I met a real estate agent named Lisa Kramer,

[Woman] Lisa! who showed me an apartment,

which I rented just so she'd go out with me.

I gave him a good price. Yeah, not good enough.

She's a killer. No, seriously, um...

After about a month of dating, I knew she was the one.

[Woman] Aw. And I couldn't be happier...

that on this day that I've been dreaming about for so long,

the woman I'm standing next to... is you.


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