In Good Company (5/10) Movie CLIP - Dorm Room Seduction (2004) HD



l'm having a maior college flashback here.

Aw, come on, old man.

My roommate's out for the night.

Really? She's, oh...

l was really looking forward to meeting her.

Yeah, she's only mildly chemically imbalanced.



[door closes]

Yeah, this is awesome.

Yeah, it's okay.

Uh, l heard this rumor

that alcohol impairs your judgment.

l wish you weren't so beautiful.

l'm not.

No, Alex. You are.

Thank you.


##[SpanĂ­sh song playĂ­ng]

[lighter clicking]

Well, it looks like everything's perfect.

So why are you still talking?


Oh, nothing.

l was iust thinking about how my dad said

he put surveillance cameras in the building.

[chuckles] That's...

That's hilarious.


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