Americans Taste Test Irish Snacks

*Celtic jingle plays*

*Celtic jingle plays*


Wow! Smells like flowers!


Like a field.

*chip crunch*

It tastes like bacon's butt.

I don't really have anything funny to say because my heart's kind of broken. Like this should be the best thing ever.

How do they get all that bacon flavor in there? That is too much bacon flavor.

How can you eat another one?! It's gross.

I don't know! I can't stop.

Jam Mallows.

Ugh! They look like sweet centipedes.

Ooo! Ugh!

It's just like here's some sugar, here's some marshmallow. Shove it in your face. Quit talking to kids.

It's like dusted with joy.

This is how Irish people eat them. Ha, ha!

It's a very lazy Pop-tart.

Dairy milk Turkish.

This looks good!


It looks like slug poop.

You take a bite and you're like I got this figured out. And it's like nope.

It tastes like... perfume.

What is this flavor supposed to be?

It says-- All it says is Turkish.


It tastes so weird.

It's rose.


This is completely normal and they're like let's ruin it.

I like the chocolate more than I dislike the Turkish.

Dip dab.

It's a lollipop covered in sugar

Ooo! There's also a bear suffocating in a cloud of cocaine right here.

This looks like cocaine! What?!

I'm confused.

Woo! Ooo! Ahoo- hoo! It's sour.

Yeah... Yeah. I only had a little bit and I feel like boom!

Yeah! That's the way that the bear wants you to enjoy it. Dip dab.

What is in there?

It looks like a poo.

???... meat pie.

They look like cookies and smell like meat.

It's delicious.

It's so good.

What?! *Fork clanks against plate* Get the fuck out!

What do you mean it's blood?

Wait... is it human blood?

So this is what blood tastes like?


Blood's pretty fucking good.

Blood is good.

*Celtic jingle plays*

Do I have anything on my nose?

Um. Uh, just like a little on the left.

There you go. You're good. You're good. You're gonna want the rest of that.


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