Barbie Pony Doctor Frozen Anna with Felicia Barbie and Chelsea Barbie Horse Veterinarian

Aunty Anna look, look over there on the side of the road it's a pony. Please pull over.

Aunty Anna look, look over there on the side of the road it's a pony. Please pull over.

Oh no this poor pony its all alone. It has a harness so it's not a wild pony. Maybe it

ran away from somewhere. Poor thing looks kind of sick, do you think we should take

it to the pony doctor. yea Aunty Anna let's take her to the pony doctor. Make sure she

is okay, and then maybe we could take her home. Oh boy she is heavy. Good thing I work

out. To the pony doctor. Oh hi I'm Anna you must be the Barbie pony doctor. How are you?

I am fabulous. How are you Anna? I am doing great, actually I am here for a purpose. You

see my niece Felicia found a pony on the road. And it has a harness and everything so it

seem like maybe somebody own the pony at one time. But the pony looks really sick so I

was wondering if you could do a check up or something. We just want to make sure the pony

is okay. OH yes I can totally take a look, you guys are sweet hearts for picking up the

pony. Yea we didn't wan tot leave it alone out there. Oh so cute. If the pony is healthy

can I keep it forever. I really really want a pony. Oh Felicia I don't think your mom

would let you have a pony. Oh geeze I couldn't even imagine Elsa with a pony, she doesn't

even like Sven that much. And your house doesn't even have a stable. Yup that right, you need

alot of land or a stable to have a pony. Well why don't you bring her here and I will take

a look at her though. Okay just be really gentle with this pony I love her so much.

Oh don't worry I will be super gentle I am just going to check her heart rate. Her heart

sounds perfect, now I am going to check her mouth, ears, reflexes you know the usual.

Little pony open up you got to go ahh. Come on, you know what I will just check your ears.

Okay that one is looking very good. Lets see this one, stay still. A little gunky but i

think it should be okay. Now little pony lets check your eyes, follow the light. Come over

here, check it out. Okay over here and can you see down here. Perfect, perfect. Now this

is going to a little difficult but I am just going to check the reflexes okay okay. You

know they seem strong. Okay lets do this leg up here and oh boy. That leg is feeling a

little tender so I think I might need a bandage on that. Let me make sure it is nice and tight,

You probably want to leave this on for three weeks. Just give me a brief moment here while

I enter all of your ponies information into the computer. This way the next time the horse

comes in we will have all of her information ready. Well after taking a look at you pony,

I have determined that it has a weak knee also malnourished probably from being on the

road for a couple of days. So I am going to give you these vitamins , also this bottle

of pony formula. So Felicia would you like to feed the pony some carrots. Oh yes yes

yes yes I want to feed the pony carrots yay. Great, thanks for being my little helper.

just hold the carrots right by the green stem here and make sure not to put your fingers

near the carrots. Because some times the horses confuse your finger for a carrot and you get

bitten. Oh my fingers are definitely not carrots because if they were i'd eat them. Eat up

little buddy, yea that's it. You need your strength oh I love doing this. So um where

will the pony go now? where will she stay? Here at the clinic we have a special nursery

for little lost ponies. We will take care of the pony and nourish it back to health.

And when it is all healthy we will adopt the pony to a loving family. See right here is

my little sister Chelsea and another Pony that we rescues just recently this is Biscuit.

Now Biscuit is in good health we just need a loving family to adopt him. So not only

am I a pony doctor but I also help rescue them too. Aunty Anna look the ponies are becoming

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