Fitbit One Review for an Active Entrepreneur

I totally look the parts of a fit person. Hey guys, welcome to Sexy Wednesday. I'm so

I totally look the parts of a fit person. Hey guys, welcome to Sexy Wednesday. I'm so

excited to share my new favorite toy with you guys, because it is seriously going to

make you so much healthier, especially if you work for yourself or you're an entrepreneur

or a freelancer, you work from home, you're so into work, if you work at a computer specifically,

you're like hunched over like this all the time and it's horrible, you really need to

take extra steps. It's already hard enough to stay fit, you need to take extra steps

to keep your body in shape. And that is why I'm so excited to tell you guys about the

Fitbit One.

This is the Fitbit One, look at it, it's greeting me every time I touch it. I love it, it looks

like a Bluetooth's ear device which is really kind of funny because it operates on Bluetooth

to sync with an iPhone app or whatever your smartphone is. But you can also sync it to

the computer, so don't disregard this if you're like I use a phone from ten years ago. Okay,

you can still use it, it's great.

This is basically a wireless activity tracker. It also tracks sleep. Sleep is very important

to us that are working for ourselves. So this is an important feature of the Fitbit that

I'm so excited about. On the Fitbit you'll see that you have a few things displayed here

such as the time. You're also going to get the day and when your alarm is going to go

off and all that kind of stuff. You're also going to get how many steps you've taken,

how many stairs you've climbed and how many miles that you have traveled in addition to

calories burned. That's what that is -- I am trying to read it backwards, sorry.

Like I said you can sync it to your smartphone, you just need to have Bluetooth activated

and your account all signed up the app will open and it will sync immediately if your

Bluetooth feature is turned on your phone. What I really love about it is all I have

to do is wear it and it just knows what's going on. If you jump on the treadmill and

start running it's going to identify the fact that you're walking a lot faster than you're

probably working out. If you wanted to know for sure, you can hold the button down for

two seconds and it will start a little timer here. Not only is that a timer but it's paying

attention to what you're doing during that time. So if you're taking more steps it's

making note of you actually doing an exercise activity right now and then you can stop it

by holding it down again.

And the other thing is that when you go to sleep you want to hold it down for two seconds

so that I can start timering for while you're sleeping. That's telling it that obviously

you're not really moving, so you must be going to sleep and it's going to track your movement

throughout your sleep to tell you how many times you woke up and how good of the sleep

you actually got. My favorite, favorite part about this thing is that it comes with a wristband,

you take it out of this little container here, oh it keeps greeting me every time I pick

it up. And you slip it into your wristband which I don't have, it's next to my bed. But

it makes it very easy and comfortable to wear at night instead of having to clip it onto

some part of your pajamas. I don't want to hear about it if you sleep naked, you can

still wear the wristband and it's very easy for you.

And then when you set your alarm on either computer or your smartphone, this little thing

vibrates on your wrist and that is how it wakes you up. I am sorry but this is a huge

deal for people that sleep in the same bed as someone else or a beagle and not wake up

the whole world when it's a morning that you're like oh, I am going to set my alarm for 6

am because that is what time I am waking up tomorrow, I'm going to be an overachiever

and wake up at six. And then you know you hit that snooze like every fifteen minutes

for three hours and the person next to you is like you suck at life, okay. That's how

I feel. So I don't want anybody else to know when I hit the snooze button. So this thing

vibrates every time you're supposed to wake up instead of sending out these crazy alarms

or whatever your phone does these days because we all take our phones to bed now. So it can

act as our alarm.

This has been so great because now I know I'm not disturbing anyone based on when I

decided to wake up. You can also find friends that are using Fitbit and compete with them

but don't worry it's only with the pedometer and how many steps you're taking because obviously

we don't want to compete based on weight or how well we're sleeping, that's still sort

of private information in my opinion.

Seriously the best thing about this is that you just don't have to do any work. You wear

the thing, it tracks your life, it doesn't get easier than that. If you forget to hit

the button when you go to sleep, it doesn't matter. You can set the times manually as

to when you went to sleep and it will tell you how you slept. It's just so easy to use,

you just can't screw it up. So I really, really like this thing. I'm completely addicted to

it. I'm like freak out every time I go to the bathroom because I am like -- okay, where's

my Fitbit, I don't want it to fall into the toilet. I don't know that this thing is going

to survive in the toilet guys. You probably should not assume so. Just like your phone

make sure your phone is in your back pocket, make sure your Fitbit is not going to fall

into the toilet. These things are going to survive water, [not bad like] -- it does say

that it is sweat proof, splash proof, rain proof. So we're just talking about dunking

it, try not to let that happen. Okay, that would suck a lot.

I bought this little guy at Target for 99 bucks and I think it's one hundred-percent

worth it. A lot of other things right now such as the Jawbone and the Nike Fuelband,

all these things are usually running a lot more than 100, usually 200 I think. This is

a fantastic option if you're not worried about wearing it on your wrist which you could wear

the night wrist thing all the time if you really wanted to set a trend. But I like this

little clip, because it's very easy to hide. If you want to find out more about the Fitbit

One, then definitely check out the link in the description. It is an affiliate link.

So take that into consideration, it'll take you to Amazon to check it out. And that's

all for my fitness Sexy Wednesday. Thanks for coming and make sure you tweet me. Let

me know if you have the Fitbit or if you have something else, would love to hear your experiences.

I am Schmittastic and at Savvy Sexy Social and of course, we comment below, I try to

respond to everybody. So you're welcome to do that as well. I will see you tomorrow for

Social Thursday.


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