Wong Fu Productions: Real Friends

Wes, what the heck?

Wes, what the heck?

What? What happened?

I was talking to that girl and she told me I have this stuck in my teeth, the entire time.


Why didn't you tell me?

I didn't know what to say...

How about "Chris, you have something stuck in your teeth."

You want me to say...

"Chris, you have something..stuck..in your..teeth?"

Isn't that awkward?

No! Wes!

It's just not that easy sometimes.

I thought we're friends.

We are.

No, real friends tell each other when they have stuff stuck on their faces.


(Real Friends)

(Six months later)


So Porter just parked, she's walking with Jane right now.


Hey, I just wanted to say I really appreciate you setting up this double date.

Yeah, it's gonna to be really cool.

I think Jane is really awesome, you guys really gonna get along.

How do I look?

Look good.

Except..you have..um..you have a little..here..

Oh!Oh! Dude,thank you so much.

See Wes, you're such a good friend.

Is it gone?



Did I get it?

God..it's worse...

What? Really?

What about now?

Um..let me just...

All gone?

Hey Wes!


Oh my god!

Hey Porter.

Aww...why Wes?

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