Frozen - "We Were So Close" Fandub Ready (Anna & Elsa Off)

Elsa? It's me... Anna

Elsa? It's me... Anna


Wow... Elsa, you look different...

It's a good different and this place is amazing

Thank you

I never knew what I was capable of

I'm so sorry about what happened. If I'd known...

No, it's okay

You don't have to apologize

But you should probably go, please

But I just got here

You belong down in Arendelle

- So do you - No, Anna, I belong here


Where I can be who I am, without hurting anybody

- Actually, about that... - 59 and 60!

Wait, what is that?

Hi, I'm Olaf and I like warm hugs


You built me. Remember that?

And you're alive?

Um... I think so?

He's just like the one we built as kids


So we were so close

We can be like that again

- Catch me! - Slow down...


No, we can't

- Goodbye, Anna - Elsa, wait...

No, I'm just trying to protect you

You don't have to protect me! I'm not afraid!


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