Fox News Suggests Hillary Clinton Got Facelift

blast boxing story and i will get to a new poll about the state of the news

blast boxing story and i will get to a new poll about the state of the news

media which i think is pretty telling based on these stories foxnews our good

friend steve do you see from fox and friends decided to speculate but maybe

hillary clinton had a facelift so they put up this picture this a screenshot


the program

and they had on one side a screenshot of hillary clinton looking uh... i guess

the issues look looks very tired

from the ben guys hearings and then another picture

that is on hillary clinton's new website and steve d_c_ kinda suggest that maybe

she had a facelift plastic surgery

suggestions let's take a look at this video lewis and see if we in make heads

or tails out of what evidence do you do see has about this i don't really know

perhaps israel is wednesday morning is this the face of presidential ambitions

days after retiring as secretary of state hillary clinton

somebody has launched a new website for her showing off its glamorous

new faces

payslip perhaps uh... well that's fueling rumors about a run for president

in twenty six p whether it's a it's simply a waiver and

to return

there you go so they're steve do you see now

of course afterwards did you see denied that he was making any comments that she

might actually have had a facelift he got she actually he actually treated

uh... uh... what exactly did did he treat he said saw some lefty blogs

thought i said hillary had a facelift nope i was saying the hillary website

had a new picture

a face lift for the site now obviously that's not what he and plied that's not

what he meant that if you read the transcript at that actually is a net but

there's another issue here which is

we're so used to fox news making stuff up about democrats that were missing the

broader point which is

is plastic surgery not allowed if hillary clinton had a facelift which it

up with absolutely no evidence for and if she did why isn't foxnews ever

talking about the cosmetic surgery that male politicians have it so it's nancy

pelosi and

and so on and so forth every once in awhile you hearsay here a commentator

maybe say something about the job i don't have a facelift

but it's almost like it's implicit in their that fox news i guess is against

cosmetic surgery which is weird because it's so obvious that they have talent

who has had cosmetic surgery louis right now it's all over the place of of course

i mean the setting themselves up to uh... to take our down in in two

thousand sixteen right that that that may be already getting at getting going

with that but uh... the what whatever the motives are

it's absolutely no surprise but we should actually at

you have with fox it's interesting because you can actually have a media

bias conversation with later won a fox which is what they report but then

there's like a layer two conversation which in this case is the uh... uh...


biased away in which cosmetic surgery is also covered

number of conversations because i have right they're there

released multiple layers to to anything fox news in forty times we talked about

with with race with gender uh... revision you name it


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